Suqqu Cheek Brush, Suqqu Eyeshadow Brush L, Suqqu Eyebrow Brush G Review

I think if there is anyone who has introduced Suqqu to the world, it’s Lisa Eldridge. And we totally owe her for sharing this secret with us because this Japanese brand is exceptional. I am reviewing 3 brushes that I picked up from Suqqu some 5 months back. I call them my fluffy, “cat pampering” brushes. 😛 Because they are so soft and pampering, it’s almost feels like cuddling a fluffy cat. 😛 They do remind me a lot of Hakuhodo brushes but I’d say the look and feel of these is more luxurious.

Suqqu Cheek Brush Suqqu Eyeshadow Brush L Suqqu Eyebrow Brush G Review

These are medium length brushes unlike the regular long length makeup brushes you generally find. And they are nearly weightless brushes that makes it rather easier to use. I took a long time to review them because these are veryyy expensive brushes so I wanted to see how they fare after continuous ‘abusage’ and washes. They are where they started from even after continuous usage, travelling, washing, drying..whatever you may call it. These brushes are class apart.

Suqqu makeup brushes

Product Claims:
Cheek Brush: The Suqqu Cheek Brush is perfect for soft and subtle cheek colour application. The flat oval tip is designed to create the most natural flush while the luxuriously soft brushes enable you to achieve a professional finish with just one stroke. SUQQU brushes are all carefully hand-made by Japanese craftsman and are designed to last a lifetime.

suqqu cheek brush full

Eyeshadow L Brush: This large Eyeshadow Brush from SUQQU is perfect for applying a wash of colour to the whole eyelid. Handmade by Japanese craftsman with the softest bristles, the SUQQU brushes are designed to last a lifetime.

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suqqu eyeshadow brush l

Eyebrow Brush G: Soft and firm bristles to fill in eyebrows with fine, hair-like strokes. It is designed to apply just the right amount of colour.

suqqu eyebrow brush g review

My Experience with Suqqu Cheek Brush, Suqqu Eyeshadow Brush L, Suqqu Eyebrow Brush G:

Let me take you through all the 3 brushes:

Suqqu Cheek Brush (Price INR 7300 approx) : It’s a medium-sized cheek brush, but it’s quite fluffy and the bristles literally bend and move like silk on your cheeks when you use. It picks up the product well and does not flare too much and that makes for a precise application.

suqqu cheek brush bristles

suqqu cheek brush handle

The bristles are slightly tapered at the end and the bristles are very evenly cut all around. Also since the brush is fluffy as well, it helps in diffusing the product too. You can also use it as an all-over face brush and it diffuses the powder in the most sheer way possible. You can even use it just to dust powder on the centre of the face to get rid of any excess shine. This brush also makes for an ideal travel companion because of its length. It just fits any pouch. I have washed this brush so many times and this brush has totally held its shape. Not even a single bristle sheds. A must-have and this brush is for life.

suqqu cheek brush head

IMBB Rating:

Suqqu Eyeshadow Brush L (INR 4000 approximately):  Imagine this brush as a bigger version of MAC 217 except this is 30X softer and luxurious. It’s a tapered at the end and a medium fluffy brush.

suqqu eyeshadow brush l in hand

suqqu eyeshadow brush bristles

You can use this brush for all-over color on the lid and the fluffier, tapered end can be used to blend out the edges of eyeshadows, but what I can reach out for the most is patting powder underneath my eyes/fixing the concealer. Because it literally is the most gentle thing you can use under your eyes.  I don’t go a day without using this brush. It is just perfection. There’s no shedding. I have washed it a lot, and it has held its shape. A major favourite. Highly recommended, you would never stop using it.

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Suqqu Eyebrow Brush G (INR 2300 approximately): I think I bought this brush out of curiosity. This brush is meant to make a perfect outline of eyebrows. It’s cut in a slanted U shape, one end is longer than the other.

suqqu eyebrow brush G head

The brush is stiff but soft. The stiffness of the bristles help you put a little pressure in drawing the most natural-looking brows. Also, since it is not a wide brush, you can literally draw the most natural looking eyebrow hair. You can literally play with the longer and shorter edge of the brush to draw the hair strokes and they’d still look natural. It’s most ideal for powder products. This brush is slightly thicker so it helps you work faster.

suqqu eyebrow brush g in hand

If you want to make the thinnest of strokes every single hair, you should give Suqqu brow pen a try, but that’s for later. I am really surprised by how much thought has been put into making a brow brush. But in all honestly, I don’t reach out for it a lot. I am more of a brow pencil person. It’s only when I use powder that I use it. If you use a powder brow product a lot, go for it. That said it is fantastic brush and nothing like I have in my collection already. Just that you can skip this one because I am sure a lot of other brow brushes can do what this does.

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The only two cons I could list for Suqqu Brushes:
1. Hard to get hold of. I bought them from London and Suqqu sells out fast in London. I have always seen their counter buzzing with Asian travellers, especially. 🙂
2. Very highly price.
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