Suqqu Dual Eye Balm Review

Reviewing Suqqu Dual Eye Balm in this post today.

Suqqu Dual Eye Balm Review

Product Description:
This unique eye balm gives two types of care for your eyes with two special eye-rejuvenation formulae. A yellow balm to replenish its elasticity for the skin such as eyelids, whilst a white balm to nourish your skin with luxurious moisture between the lower edges and sockets of your eyes. It leaves your eye area bright, fully smooth and supple.

How To Use:
Gently apply a small bean-sized amount onto the eyelid in an upward motion.

Gently apply two small bean-sized amounts onto the affected area prone to dryness from the outer corner to the inner corner of the eyes.
USD 135/ INR 6800 approximately.

Suqqu Dual Eye Balm cap

My Experience with Suqqu Dual Eye Balm:

As much as I love Suqqu makeup and brushes, I am not really sold out on their skincare. I have used a few things and none of them has been super impressive to me. Today’s review is on Suqqu’s dual eye cream. I am about to finish using the pot, so it’s a good time I get the review on side. It’s a dual eye balm- the pale yellow cream, which is slightly thinner in texture is for the top lid and the slightly buttery white cream is for the under-eye area.

Suqqu Dual Eye Balm

I have very oily lids with or without any eye cream, so on most days, so on most days, I resist using the yellow cream on the lids. But the white cream, I have used that religiously for the past few months. It is slightly thicker in texture but spreads easily on the under-eye area. It leaves under eye area moist and hydrated. I always use it before applying concealer and I have never faced any issue with dry under eyes, in fact, it is quite a rich cream. That said, it has never given me any bumps/milia around my eyes.

Suqqu Dual Eye Balm tub

It comes in this silver plastic pot. I love the minimal packaging. It also comes with a spatula which I have lost. Now I find it quite difficult to get the cream out, especially the yellow one. I mean it’s a good cream and keep my under-eye area hydrated, but so do many other creams at fraction of the price. That said, it does hold true to all the claims of keeping under eye smooth, and hydrated. I don’t have major dark shadows underneath my eyes. So, I just look for creams that can keep my under eye area hydrated and this one totally did the job, but I also know that I can totally do without this cream.

Suqqu Dual Eye Balm swatch on hand

It’s hard to get hold of Suqqu products anyway. If given a chance, I would not repurchase. It’s too expensive for what it is, in my opinion.

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