Suqqu Frame Fix Liquid Foundation Lightness and Suqqu Nuancing Loose Powder Natural Review

Skin Type:  Normal to dry
Skin Tone:  Medium fair/MAC NC 35/neutral undertone

Suqqu Frame Fix Liquid Foundation Lightness

Suqqu Frame Fix Liquid Foundation Lightness and Suqqu Nuancing Loose Powder Natural Review

£58 for 25 ml/INR 4700 approximately.

Product Description:
A new addition to the SUQQU Frame Fix Foundation series renowned for its exclusive property of blurring imperfections whilst bringing out the natural look of the skin. With increased radiance and translucency, it gives a timeless, enlivened and luminous finish with a texture that is so light that you will forget that you are wearing it. Infused with airy oil, it glides effortlessly and forms an ultra-thin veil that fits the facial contour perfectly, while the newly infused Japanese rose flower extract naturally lifts the complexion and enhances the sharpened contour. Available in 6 shades.

I have pretty much worn this foundation every single time I have done makeup in the past month. This is available in 6 shades, which is a bit tricky because some of the shades are quite pale and some have very strong pink undertones. I picked up the shade #203, which is the darkest of 6 shades and fortunately matches my skin tone perfectly.

Suqqu Frame Fix Liquid Foundation Lightness

It has a gorgeous, natural, dewy finish. It is a medium to buildable coverage foundation. You can really make it a full coverage and it looks very natural on the skin. The foundation sets on its own after a few minutes of application, so I don’t feel the need to powder every time I use it, but I have normal to dry skin and when I have worn this foundation for good 7-8 hours, I felt my skin looked quite glowing. And that could pretty much translate to ‘oily’ if you have oily skin and that might not look pretty. 😀 In my case, it totally worked because by the end of the day, my skin was looking naturally healthy and as if I have been taking so much care of it.

The foundation comes in this lightweight bottle with pump dispenser. I would call it an amazing day time foundation, it does not feel heavy. It is long lasting. It looks natural and gives that beautiful glow to the skin. I mean every time I want to create a dewy skin look, I reach out for this one. There is no fragrance to this foundation.

It does not settle in fine lines or accentuate dry patches. This also has SPF 30,which is great for day time, but with flash, this foundation has a flashback. So, I would not really recommend you to use it for flash photography. But otherwise, it photographs beautifully and gives just the right amount of glow.

Suqqu recommends to use this foundation with finger tips, but I have used it in every way – fingers, brush and sponge. I have had no issues with this one. With finger tips, you can really massage it in your skin and make it look “your skin but better.”

I have worn this foundation in these looks:

Happy Valentine’s Day, Flaming Eyes Dewy Skin, Dewy Skin Brown Monochromatic Makeup Look, Orange Eyeliner, Magenta Purple Valentine’s Day Look, Dewy Skin Wine Lipstick.

Glowing skin makeup


This definitely is one of my favourite foundations at the moment. I am totally enjoying dewy skin at the moment and this foundation totally tops on top of my list. I don’t even have to think about wearing this foundation twice on how it would look even after wearing it for hours at a go. Plus I can totally skip wearing an additional layer of sunscreen with this one, I am so so happy with this one.

Availability of Suqqu is an issue. I got it in London but it is not the easiest brand to get hold of even within Europe.

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Suqqu Nuancing Loose Powder Natural:

Product Description:
This super light powder creates a velvety smooth texture with an elegant silken sheen. It controls the sebum level and keeps the necessary moisture, giving the skin a natural soft lustre.

Suqqu Frame Fix Liquid Foundation Lightness and Suqqu Nuancing Loose Powder Natural

I barely ever do makeup without a loose powder. I have to use loose powder after doing my foundation, so for a good base makeup, I am always trying out loose powders. I have been using this one by Suqqu. It comes packed in this clear. elegant jar with a glossy lid. There is a powder puff in the pack. The powder is pale pinky beige. It is an extremely finely milled powder and pretty much invisible on the skin.

It just sets the foundation without really taking away the glow and natural look of the foundation. This comes only in one color. Since it is a Japanese brand, it pretty much fits well for all skin tones, but for darker/duskier skin tones, it might make them look ashy. Even though the powder is pretty invisible, I still would not suggest it for dusky skin tones. It also has that very natural glow, not really a glow, but it is not a matte powder. It keeps that natural finish on the skin intact. It does not make my skin drier or oilier. I feel it sets the foundation beautifully, looks natural and does not add any extra color to my foundation.

Suqqu Nuancing Loose Powder Natural Review

I absolutely love this powder to bits. It does blur out the pores a bit, but I would not put this powder in the category of either mattifying or pore minimising powder. It’s as natural as it can get. I personally am super impressed with this one. I just wish they’d do more colors in this. I would easily pick a shade or a two darker in this one.

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