Sure Anti-Perspirant Review

I usually prefer body sprays and perfumes than roll ons but ‘Sure’ got my attention because of two reasons

  • Asin being the brand ambassador, not that she is my favorite or anything. I thought it must be a big brand that is introducing the product in Indian Market.
  • The availability in a small quantity, can say trial version. If it had not been Rs.40 for 25 ml I would have never thought of giving it a try, as I am not very fond of roll ons.

I have used Avon deo before but that was my first and last one. Not that it had any fault but I preferred it in the form of a spray than a roll on. When I was shopping at Star Bazaar I found this really small deo. I go for all cute packing and small things in the market and I just picked it up to check out the fragrance and price. Price was very affordable and they had two variants Passion and Free Spirit for women. I couldn’t find the one for men. I smelled Passion first and my hubby said it smells very similar to my Body Lotion [Garnier Body Cocoon] and Body Spray [Adidas Tropical Passion] so he suggested me to try something different and not always the fruity fragrance. Though I was not very happy initially I just picked it up. Later I realized Free spirit smells as good as passion. Sure Anti Perspirant I have been using this for about a month and I will say I really like it.

What does the product claim? Sure is world’s number 1 anti-perspirant brand as it provides long lasting, unbeatable protection against sweat and odour keeping the skin dry and fresh all day long. The brand has been formulated by scientists post 25 years of research and is a tried and tested solution to sweat and odour. It is tailored to the needs of both sexes, with separate product ranges for each. Sure anti-perspirant has to be used regularly (6 swipes a day) to ensure ‘No Paseena’ / ‘No Sweat’.

Availability The Sure anti-perspirant range consists of three variants – Passion and Free spirit for women and Sport Defense for Men. All these variants are available as roll-ons and in aerosol cans. Sure is priced at a reasonable amount of Rs 65 for 40 ml and Rs 40 for 25 ml packaging and is available in all the retail outlets across country. I didn’t find this in aerosol cans anywhere in the stores nearby and also have no idea about its pricing. Sure Deo I don’t know how to describe the fragrance of free spirit. As the name suggests it is fresh and good but at the same time not very strong. I don’t feel the smell through out the day until I go for a bath in the evening 😉 It still smells fresh. It does leave the skin dry from sweat but only to an extent. While roaming around in this hot summer, just 10 mins would be enough to make me perspire. They advice us to use it regularly, which is 6 swipes a day, which I don’t think is really possible once we step out of the house. Though it is easy and handy to be carried around I don’t think we can stop somewhere and apply this and continue with the work. I wont even use my body spray or perfume this frequently. Maximum once in the morning and once in the evening I’d spray it but I wonder how feasible it is to do the same with a roll on. Applying 6 swipes at a go makes my skin really wet that I have to wait for a while to dry before I wear my clothes. So both ways I am not comfortable. Once I remove the lid, it just looks like a solid roll on but as I apply it on my skin, it just surprisingly melts to a liquid form. It is very easy to apply as it glides in the skin like a lotion and it doesn’t leave the skin greasy. On a normal day I am sure this will help us get rid of sweaty arm pits but I am not very sure during a hot summer day. Sure Asin Anti Perspirant Pros of Sure Anti-Perspirant

  • Affordable. You can afford it and just give a try. I think you wont get disappointed.
  • Easy to apply and carry around.
  • You can find it very easily in any stores around your house.
  • Smells good. Both the variants for women smells good and are not too strong.
  • Packing is really cute and neat.

Cons of Sure Anti-Perspirant

  • I would prefer a spray than a roll on so that I can just spray it wherever I am but I cant do the same with a roll on.
  • I have heard people say that roll ons will make the skin turn dark. I did not face it with this deo till now but I am still skeptic and hence would not use the product continuously. [I don’t want to wait to see whether my skin turns dark or not.]

Would I buy it again: No for just one reason that I am not a roll on girl and I am more comfortable with sprays. Rating: :-* :-*:-* + 0.5 Today Pick is Christian Louboutin Coral Large Shoulder Bag

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29 thoughts on “Sure Anti-Perspirant Review

  1. I have supersensitive skin and get teeny blisters with just about any deo/perfume/fragrance product…and it just gets worse in the summers because there is no way I won’t use a deo!! I was planning on getting the Avon deo..but after reading your review..I want to try this one, especially cos of the small size pack. I know that Asin part – I thought the same thing..ohh its some big company come here..heheheheeee!!
    .-= Radhika´s last blog ..Lakme Face Sheer – Review/Swatch =-.

  2. nice review Aarthi….I use roll ons and will def try this….roll ons from avon’s are good but boots are excellent :-))

    1. Wow Lydia if you use roll ons then you can definitely try this one 🙂 Haven’t heard about boots though.

  3. Nice review, I don’t know the brand but it strongly reminds me of a brand we have here (holland): Rexona, check out this image

    I prefer sprays as well. I do face the problem that my skin is turning dark but I don’t know why because I actually don’t really use deo/antiperspirant. I thought maybe shaving caused it but now I’ve been only using wax for a long time and I still have the problem. It’s not very dark so I’m not really worrying but still I would like to know if anyone knows how to ‘cure’ this?
    .-= Sunaina´s last blog ..Happy housewife =-.

    1. My friend had this problem and she said regular use of walnet scrubs helped her. So why dont you just try that and I’ve heard even waxing helps in reducing it.

  4. Hey, nice review.. I was looking for a review on this 🙂 .. Was just wondering – it claims to be an anti-prespirant.. did it live up the claim? Did you prespire less when you used this?

    1. Hi Tanveer. As I said I did feel the difference but I am not sure about its efficiency during hot climatic conditions !!! Ironically that is when we perspire more 🙁

  5. Roll ons aren’t for meither. Plus this ad gives me goosebumps, remember when Asin VIOLENTLY puts the roll on her pancaked, photoshoped underarms? It gives me jitters, it must hurt like mad, retake after retake.

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