14 Sure Ways to Cure Dark Lips Naturally

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Dark lips are very common among girls. Earlier, many of us used to think that dark lips is because of smoking, but now, we know that it can be because of various other factors. And no doubt, there are number of lip balms and lipsticks and other lip care products which boasts of curing and lightening your dark lips, but only some of them actually work. So, here we present you with some of the sure ways to cure dark lips naturally.

Sure Ways to Cure Dark Lips Naturally

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is acidic and contains alpha hydroxyl acids. They help in reducing the darkness of your lips and greatly contributes to make your lips lighter. But, you should never use the apple cider vinegar directly on your lips. Combine them with water and then apply using cotton balls on your lips. Let them dry and then wash off your lips with water.

2. Don’t Leave your Lips Dry

You should never leave your lips dry. Drying out your lips can make them dark further. Thus, use some natural lip balms in order to keep your lips soft throughout the day.

3. Use SPF Products

You must check for the SPF quantity on your lip care products. Use a minimum of SPF 15-35 for your lips. This is the minimum SPF requirement which will prevent your lips to darken any further.

4. Lemon and Almond Oil

Add some drops of almond oil on a slice of lemon and apply it directly on your lips. Lemon is a fabulous natural bleaching product and thus it helps in lightening and reversing the sun damage that is already done on your lips.

5. Brown Sugar and Honey

Sometimes, dead skin cells on your lips can make your lips dark. Thus, make sure that you scrub them beautifully. So, use fine brown sugar granules and add some honey drops to it. This will keep them well nourished and also removes any dead skin flakes from the lips.

6. Baking Soda

Baking Soda also goes a long way in keeping your lips lighter and moisturized at the same time. Thus, dilute some baking soda with water and apply it with cotton on your lips. This will keep them soft and glossy at the same time. Also, with regular usage you will witness that your lips have become much lighter in colour.

7. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is rich in essential fatty acids which help to take care of your lips. They not only keep your lips moisturized, but also keep them away from drying for a long time. Thus, apply coconut oil directly on your lips every night and see the difference in your lips gradually.

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8. Decaffeinate

Do you know that drinking coffee can make your lips dark? Thus, restrict your coffee and tea habits. Try to consume only green tea every day. Anyways, coffee and tea leads to weight gain so, the best habit is to stop consuming tea and coffee.

9. Avoid Chlorinated Water

Chlorinated water can cause your lips dark and dry. They contain some acids which causes darkening of lips. Thus, avoid using chlorinated water if you want to keep your lips healthy and naturally pink.

10. Avoid Licking

Your constant licking of lips can make your lips further dry and dehydrated. Thus, don’t dry out your lips further. Avoid them licking at any cost.

11. Cosmetics

Sometimes, the expiry date of your cosmetics can also cause darkening of lips. Thus, check your cosmetics especially lip products, if you are using them for too long. Otherwise, out of validity cosmetics can make your lips dark and dry at the same time.

12. Raw Turmeric

This is different and extremely pure than your actual turmeric powder. Just take a thin slice of raw turmeric and apply it on your lips directly at least for 4-5 minutes. This way your pigmentation will also reduce and your lips will become softer and pinkier very soon.

13. Correct Eating

Your eating habits also goes a long way in making your lips healthy and light. Thus, you need to avoid too salty and spicy foods to keep your lips healthy. Thus, in order to keep your lips pink for life long, correct eating habits is a must.

14. Berries

Berries like strawberries and raspberries goes a long way in making your lips pink. Crush these berries and then combine them with aloe vera and apply it directly on your lips. Wait till they dry and then rinse off with water.

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