18 Surprising Foods That Can Actually Help Prevent Grey Hair

The sight of grey hair strands can freak us out and trigger a frantic search for remedies to reverse grey hair and prevent further sprouting of silver strands. Hair, whether it is grey or white, results from loss of melanin pigment, and when it happens as a natural result of ageing, there’s nothing to stop it, but if you are experiencing premature greying of hair, rather than reaching out for hair oils and serums, include these 18 surprising foods that can actually help prevent grey hair.

How Does Hair Turn White/Grey?

Just as it imparts skin its color, melanin is the pigment responsible for hair color as well. The process of melanin production from cells called as melanocytes is called melanogenesis. When melanin production declines, the hair starts to turn grey. Apart from genetics, pollution, stress, and nutritional deficiencies, oxidative damage from free radicals has been found to impact the hair greying majorly.

How Certain Foods Can Prevent Greying of Hair?

As we have mentioned above, nutritional deficiencies and oxidate damage from free radicals play a large role in turning dark hair into grey. With the right nutrients such as B vitamins, vitamin C, L-methionine, copper, folate, calcium, iron, zinc, and antioxidants, you can stop further greying of hair.

18 Surprising Foods That Can Actually Help Prevent Grey Hair:

1. Milk and Cheese: We will start with milk – the high vitamin B12 content and also calcium in milk and cheese make them awesome for hair.

2. Yogurt: Has probiotics, calcium.

3. Pickles: B vitamins, biotin.
4. Eggs: Calcium, selenium, vitamin B12, L-methionine.

5. Beetroot: Folate, vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium.

6. Dark Chocolate: Flavonoids, calcium, iron, copper.

7. Mushroom: Copper.

8. Spinach and Other Green Leafy Vegetables: Iron, folate, vitamin A.

9. Nuts: Copper, trace minerals.

10. Kiwi/Blueberries/Acai Berries: Rich in antioxidants.

11. Papaya: Vitamin A, folic acid.

12. Cauliflower: Vitamin B5.

13. Figs: Copper.

14. Pistachios: Copper, L-methionine.

15. Peanuts: Vitamin E, copper, manganese, biotin, folate.

16. Cabbage: Calcium.

17. Parsley: Calcium.

18. Pumpkin Seeds: Zinc, iron, copper, magnesium.

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