10 Surprising Uses of Lip Balm you Probably Didn’t Know

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We all know the importance of a lip balm. It is undoubtedly one of the most important things a girl carries with her. The versatility of this small thing cannot be questioned. Be it the task of softening your chapped lips, just adding a tinted sheen to them or posing for a pouting selfie – a lip balm will be your answer. It is one of the must-haves in every girl’s bag. But, did you know there are several other interesting uses, of your favourite lip balm, too? Yes, that’s right! The use of lip balms is not just limited to your lips. Which is why, I am going to list down a few, very interesting and unique ways you can put your lip balm to use.

Lip balm uses

As An Eyeshadow Primer

Every makeup addict knows the importance of an eye primer to keep the gorgeous eye makeup in place. You don’t want to spend hours to blend that eye shadow, only to find it creasing in a while. You can spend a bomb on eye primers or you can use your lip balms instead. Just dab a little bit on before applying your eye makeup and it will help your eye makeup look fresh all day long.

To Get Thicker Eyelashes

10 Substitute Uses of Lip Balms3

We all know, lip balms are infused with moisturizing factors and petroleum jelly which keep our lips nourished. The same holds good in case of our eyelashes as well. Just apply a tiny bit of balm on your eyelashes every night and watch them grow thicker and longer in no time at all.
Also, if you have a night out and have forgotten to carry your quintessential eye cream. Fret not! Just dab a little lip balm under your eyes and they will work as good as your eye cream in providing that much needed nourishment.

To Tame Your Mane

Best of the hairdos look bleak when you have flyaways on your crown making you look like a tornado victim. The trick to tame those stubborn baby hair strands is to dab a tiny bit of your lip balm on the problematic area.

As Cheek Stain

10 Substitute Uses of Lip Balms1

Want to get that subtle blushing effect, but have run out of your blush. Just use your tinted lip balm on the apple of your cheeks and massage gently. There you are, good to go!

To Prevent Shoe-Bite Woes

“Women wear their pain like heels. No matter how much it hurts, others just see the beauty of it.”

So apt for all the stilettoes lovers! No matter how uncomfortable they are, no girl has ever given up on wearing heels. But, with our good old lip balm we can keep the pain at bay. Apply a little lip balm on the areas where your shoes hurt. Not only will the greasy texture of the lip balm prevent blisters, it will also help soothing the existing shoe-bites.

It can also be used as a shoe shiner. Dab a little lip balm on your shoes and buff it with a clean cloth and your shoes will be shining like new.

To Stop Minor Nicks and Cuts from Bleeding

10 Substitute Uses of Lip Balms2

A lip balm can be your saviour for shaving cuts or other minor nicks. Applying a bit of your lip balm will prevent your cuts from bleeding. But, remember this trick won’t hold good for bigger gashes that need medical supervision.

To Repair Scratched CDs

Have you managed to get several scratches on your favourite CD by playing it in an infinite loop? Don’t be disheartened. There is always a lip balm to your rescue. Spread a little bit of the balm on those scratches, wipe away the excess and your CD is instantly repaired. Try it out if you don’t believe me.

To Lubricate Zippers

Ever found yourself struggling with the zipper of your favourite pair of jeans, sweatshirt or a tent. A lip balm again will help you win the lost battle. Spread a little lip balm on your zipper and watch it loosen up miraculously, helping you zip and unzip easily.

For Dry Skin

So often, we step out of the house in a hurry and find those nightmarish dry patches on our skin. We cannot always carry body lotions, but sure as hell we will have our lip balm on us. That’s all that is needed to erase those dry patches.

Before Hair Colouring

10 Substitute Uses of Lip Balms4

No matter how careful you are while colouring your hair, you will get some amount of colour on your hairline or back of your ears. To prevent this, smear your hairline and back of your ears with a lip balm before applying the hair colour and watch those stains vanish as soon as you wash your hair.

Now that you have a few more reasons to use your lip balm, I am sure the rate at which it is going to be consumed will be doubled!

Until then, keep experimenting! 🙂

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