Khadi Swasthaya Amrit Herbal Tea

Khadi Swasthaya Amrit Herbal Chai Review
Hello ladies
I know you will not like another post about eating and drinking from me 😛 but I had to do it. My father’s birthday was a very happy affair, except for the fact that my mom and I were out of ideas about gifts for him. We had already given him the after-shaves and kurtas :p. My mom asked me to bring him another after shave and I was like NO! This time I will be original and do my thing. Well let’s just say that I ended up at Khadi (I love it there ) and as I was sniffing around I found some nice smelling stuff. As my father is high on spirituality and does puja everyday, I thought about getting him different packets of cute-shaped incense (dhup batti). I got my father 4 types of incense and I wanted to buy some more things for him but everything from Khadi is at my house already :P. Then I saw some herbal supplies that were lying down there and I saw this magical tea that I was mesmerized with. I know that a packet of tea seems pretty mundane but I was enchanted by it because of its ingredients. This tea states that it does not have caffein in it so I bought it. I am a sort of hyper person and caffeine makes it worse so to try and spare my parents the horror I don’t drink coffe and tea :P. I was wondering if he will like it and turns out my mother has already started using it 😛 .

herbal tea
herbal tea

The packaging is typical Khadi, I like the simple no fuss packing to be honest :P. I am happy that this does not come in a box which has the plastic packet glued in it because it becomes a mess when you take the tea out :/ . The plastic packet can be opened to get all the tea and you can put it in a Box .

herbal tea ingredients
herbal tea ingredients

The smell of the Tea is present even after being packed in plastic :P. When you open it don’t try to sniff it :/ you will sneeze for a good 3 minutes :/ I didn’t sniff 😀 I was just calculating the amount of it. Okay fine I sniffed 😛 .
This is a good product because it lets me concentrate when I am working on my SECRET project 😛 .
It smells like saunf and other herbs. The packet has all the ingredients

I am a big fan of anything Ayurvedic, herbal or organic. I know that some products claim to be organic but they are not :/. This product is organic. When you do boil it and make it like ordinary tea it doesn’t work differently, it tastes the same, the color is a bit dull because it doesn’t have any tea, I mean the colored one 😛 (you know what I mean) but it tastes really nice .

khadi method
khadi method

You can find these at any Khadi store, in all probability you will find some more snazzy tea from there too 😛 I bought this from my local Khadi but if you go to Khadi in Connaught place I am very sure you will find more variations of this. I haven’t tried to make iced tea out of it but when I get the next pack I will :D. I want to try jasmine tea too 😀

positives tea
positives tea

Pros Of Swasthaya Amrit Herbal Chai

-No fillers 😛
– Sweet smell
-easy to use
– Reasonable price
Cons of Swasthaya Amrit Herbal Chai –

I can’t think of any :/

Will I buy it again – Hell yes 😀

I hope you will like this tea, do try this out , its really healthy and do tell me about your rendezvous with khadi 😀


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17 thoughts on “Khadi Swasthaya Amrit Herbal Tea

    1. it smells liek jasmine flowers 😛 its difficult to drink because it smells HIGHLY of jasmine because it is made up of jasmine flowers :/ i think 😛 but its nice 😀

  1. :clap: :clap: for the review komal.. n belated b’day wishes for ur father :cake: … wud luk out for this tea esp for my dad.. he luves tea.. :))

  2. komal, iska naaam kitna interesting hai…
    swasthya amrit…waah wah… yeh to bhi laani hi padegi !!! :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  3. I have never had any other type of tea..happy in my cutting chai :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1:
    But I wil definitely get this if i ever see a khadi strore here,ever :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly:

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