Sweat in Style : 7 Cute Hairstyles for Runners

By Grisha Gupta

I think all fellow joggers can agree that it’s difficult to manage hair while jogging. I seriously hate it when the ponytail loosens up or a few hair strands from the top knot get free. It’s just too annoying. Then to redo my hair, I have to either slow down or stop, which makes me lose my stride. I think on some level everyone can agree with this. So to avoid that, here are a few neat hairstyles that are comfortable and stylish.

Sweat in Style 7 Cute Hairstyles for Runners7

1. The Fishtail Braid

Sweat in Style 7 Cute Hairstyles for Runners1

This can simply be achieved by tying either a high or a side ponytail. Split the ponytail into two equal halves. Take a pinky width strand and wrap it from the outside of one half to the inside of the other. Alternate to the end; tie a band at the end of the braid.

2. Bang Braid

Sweat in Style 7 Cute Hairstyles for Runners4

I always need to put away my bangs to avoid any hassle while running. For this, simply make a French braid out of your bangs. Take three strands and braid it twice in front. Now, put the first and third strand together and take another strand as replacement. Continue this till you reach a desired point; secure with a bobby pin and tie a ponytail.

3. Upside-Down Braid

Sweat in Style 7 Cute Hairstyles for Runners3

For this look, turn your hair upside down, and brush it well. Now start with a braid from the bottom and work your way upwards. When you reach the top, secure the hair in a bun. While making the braid, the width of each strand should be less; making it more compact and better-looking.

4. Boxer Braids

Sweat in Style 7 Cute Hairstyles for Runners

If you have thick and long hair (unlike mine), then divide your hair from the forehead into two sections; individually make French braids on each side. Secure the remaining hair in a low bun. This gives your hair a very compact look and easy to manage.

5. Low Knot

Sweat in Style 7 Cute Hairstyles for Runners5

Tie a low knot if you have long hair. This keeps away the unwanted loose strands, and with a tight knot there will be no problem.

6. Dutch/French Braid

Sweat in Style 7 Cute Hairstyles for Runners2

For a neat front look, make a braid (either French or Dutch) just above the forehead. This is an extended version of the bang braid. It can be done on one side or on both sides of the parting for a finished look.

7. Tiered Ponytail

Sweat in Style 7 Cute Hairstyles for Runners6

Take a small section of hair from the front and secure it with a tie. Take another section from both the sides of the first section. Tie it with a hair tie to the ponytail and continue similarly till the end. This will keep the hair in place.

So who said that you can’t look good while jogging? Well now you can!

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