7 Sweet Things You Can Do to Make your Someone Feel Special

Men! *sigh* Although sometimes they irritate us and make us completely mad, they also make us laugh and shower us with their love and care in their own unique unromantic way that melts our heart. Wouldn’t you agree that time has changed, but this changed time has brought just a little change in our men? They work so hard just like us, but they would seldom buy anything for themselves; we always have to do that for them. They just want to spend their earned money on their family.

Sweet and fun things to do

I am sure they would never admit it, but they wouldn’t mind if we make them feel special occasionally. Don’t trust me? Then try it yourself! Do something special today for the man in your life and see the happiness reflecting in his eyes and smile. So girls, let’s make secret plans to make them feel special. I have few ideas on my mind which I am going to share with you in this post and please do share your ideas too in the comments below. 🙂

1) Boys’ Day Out

7 Sweet Things You Can Do to Make Your Man Feel Special4

Arrange a boys’ day out for him with his friends. Let him enjoy with his boys doing “boy” things. May be you can call his friends and arrange for a surprise cricket or football match for him or book a lounge where they can watch an important match. You will need lots of secret planning and coordination with his friends to make this successful. But at the end, the smile on his face would be worth it!

2) Gift of Words

One more cute thing about guys is that most of them are not materialistic and it is very easy to make them happy. We don’t have to spend our money on diamond rings (though they wouldn’t mind car or bike I think) or any other fancy things. You can make them feel special by simple words. Appreciate him whenever he tries to help you. Give him compliments even though he is wearing the same old jeans and unwashed t-shirt for nth times. Paste a loving note for him in a place where he will not miss it before leaving for work. Trust me girls, these are just not girly things. Your encouragement really means a lot to him.

3) Dedicate An Entire Day to Him

couple spa

Do this on any random day when he is free. You don’t have to wait for someone’s birthday or anniversary and this randomness will make it more special for him. Do everything according to his choice. Take him to his favorite restaurant or take him to a spa for a back massage for a relaxing day.

4) *Surprise* *Surprise*

Flowers are considered as girl thing. But I think that every human being is capable enough to appreciate the beauty of a flower. Therefore, you may give him a flower next time. Try it and let me know if it works or not. You can also surprise him with “Best Partner” card with a sweet loving note for him inside it on a random day. Or, surprise him with anything that you know he would really love.

5) Candle Light Dinner at Home

7 Sweet Things You Can Do to Make Your Man Feel Special1

The best way to make a man feel special is by cooking something he loves. You can order from a restaurant also, but cooking at home will make it more special. Arranging a quick candle light dinner at home would be awesome too.

6) Watch His Favorite Film

Young couple

Surprise him with the tickets of his favorite film. Or watch his favorite film together at home with his favorite foods. May be you can also light some scented candles in the room or add some fresh flowers in the vase to make it romantic. 😉

7) Make A Small Video for Him

Go through all his pictures and videos and select the ones which have a story to tell. Make a video from it and add a song that you both love or holds a special meaning in the background. There are many video editing apps available on the internet that are super easy to use. You can also add some special messages in the video. You may also surprise him by adding bytes from his family and friends. I am sure this will bring smile on his face and if you get lucky by chance, then maybe you can also see tears of happiness in his eyes.

Another way of making your man feel special everyday is to hug him as often as possible. Also, words like “I Love You”, “Thank You” & “Sorry” would assure that we don’t take them for granted and we love them from the bottom of our hearts. So girls, what are you waiting for? Go and start planning right away! 🙂

Have you tried these ideas before? What do you think is the best way to make your man feel special?

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5 thoughts on “7 Sweet Things You Can Do to Make your Someone Feel Special

    1. You’re most welcome sana 🙂 Do not forget to write down few lines. Make it funny , senti and romantic 😉 All the best !!! 🙂

  1. You have again compiled a fab list Shainee. You are now the official relationship advisor on IMBB. 😀 Going to a spa together sounds fun.

    1. hahaha….Thank you so much Shikha!:-) Official title from IMBB feels great :-p 😀 you know somehow i had convinced my husband to go to parlor for facial on the day before our marriage. It was his first time. Luckily, he loved the experience specially the massage part and now he wants to try spa once…i got this spa idea from there actually 😀

  2. Wonder List…Luv u for this…u know what m planning for his birthday….thank u a ton for this…it will help me a lot.Actually we are in a very bad phase of our relationship.hope it works.keepin fingers crossed..

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