How to Take Care of Oily Scalp and Dry Hair

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Oily scalp and dry hair combination is a deadly combination in a negative way. If you use oily products to make your hair soft, the scalp gets more oily. And when you try to treat the scalp oil, your hair gets drier and fizzy. But every problem has a solution and so does this one. In this post, I will tell you about a few things that you can do to treat this condition and maintain the balance.

How to Take Care of Oily scalp and Dry Hair

1. Using a Pack just for the Hair:

You can use a softening hair pack just for your fizzy, dry hair avoiding the scalp. Beat 2 eggs in curd and add some nourishing oil to it. Apply this on your hair keeping it open and the pack should not reach the scalp. Once the pack is applied, fold in your hair in aluminum sheet or within plastic bags. Keep this for 1-2 hours and then wash it off with a mild shampoo. This won’t make the scalp oily and also soften the hair.

2. Use Mild Shampoos

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Using harsh shampoos to remove the excess oil from scalp is not a smart idea when you have fizzy, dry hair. Opt for mild shampoos that are free from harsh ingredients. Natural or organic shampoos work the best. Opt for brands like Khadi or The Body Shop. Even Garnier Ultra blends range is a good choice. You can shampoo your hair 2-3 times a week to keep your scalp oil free.

3. Do Not skip Conditioner

A softening conditioner is a must when you have dry hair. Use a mild conditioner that will keep the hair soft and smooth. You can also use diluted tea liquor that acts as a natural conditioner for the hair.

4. Try Scalp exfoliation Treatment

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Just like your face, the scalp also needs exfoliation to remove the dead cells, oil and dirt build up. You can go to any salon 1-2 times a month for this treatment. Alternatively, you can buy some exfoliator and try this at home. You can even make your own natural exfoliator. Brown sugar, oatmeal, baking soda, sea salt is some amazing exfoliating agent for your hair. Fix these to your shampoo or some oil and scrub the scalp. This will treat the oily scalp without making the hair dry.

5. Use a Serum

A serum is must to nourish the hair and keep it soft. Pick a serum that is specially designed for dry, fizzy hair. As you do not apply the serum in your scalp, your scalp does not become oily due to this. Use serums everyday or on alternate days to deal with the trouble.

6. Oil your Scalp

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Just like oily skin needs moisturizer, oily scalp needs hair oil too. Oil nourishes the hair and strengthens the roots. Pick a nourishing hair oil and massage it in the scalp. Make your that your scalp is free from dirt. You can shampoo your hair on alternate days and then oil the hair in-between. This will allow you to apply oil in the clean scalp and wash it off the next day. Do not make the mistake of using oils that contain paraffin just because they are marketed as ‘light hair oil’. Use coconut oil, olive oil or argan oil and your hair will get the nourishment it deserves.

7. Brush Your Hair Daily

If you want the oil to spread from root to tip, brush your hair every day. Brush the hair gently after applying the serum. This will help in even distribution of oil and also allows you to get rid of some dirt build up from the scalp.

8. Keep it Natural

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Blow drying, straightening, coloring the hair sounds and look tempting. But if you fall in the trap, there is no coming out. Excessive treatments make your hair dry, dull and lifeless. And to get rid of that, you keep mistreating the hair. Just stop doing anything like that for a month or two and keep your hair natural. It may not look attractive in the first few weeks. But if you maintain the hair well, the natural hair will start looking beautiful. This will help you to get healthier hair without affecting the scalp at all.

Taking care of combination hair can be tricky. But it won’t matter much once you follow these tips. Show some love to your hair and it will surely look gorgeous.

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