How To Take Care Of Skin During Periods

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How are you all doing? On my side, I’m doing good and super excited for the upcoming New Year’s parties. 2017 finally comes to an end on a good note. Well, coming back to today’s topic, we would be talking about how to take care of your skin during periods. During your menstrual cycle, you just don’t fight through mood swings and cramps, but it is your skin which is affected to a large extent.
If you are frustrated with skin problems, here we tell you how to take care of your skin during the menstrual cycle.

Skincare during periods

1. Exfoliate Your Skin:

You should exfoliate your skin in order to get that glowing and healthy skin. You should be using mild exfoliators or make your own scrub at home. Exfoliate your skin gently in a circular motion so that it helps to cleanse your pores and also slough away the dead skin cells easily. This step can help to deep cleanse your skin thus leaving you with glowing and soft skin. Do not over exfoliate your skin as it may damage or tear your skin easily.

2. Use Turmeric Paste:

You should be applying turmeric paste on your face during menstrual days in order to prevent the appearance of acne and pimples on the face. Take 1-2 spoon of turmeric powder and add some milk to it. Mix together and apply on the face. Allow it to dry and wash off with lukewarm water. Turmeric contains antibacterial properties which prevent the appearance of hormonal acne on the face while milk is an excellent cleansing ingredient which helps to deep cleanse your skin.


3. Keep Your Skin Hydrated:

Keeping your body as well as your skin hydrated during periods is very important. Due to dip in estrogen in the body during periods, your skin may feel dull, dry and lifeless. So this is the right time to take care of your skin. If you are observing dry areas on the skin or wrinkles around the eyes, you should consider applying hydrating night cream. Also, you should keep your skin hydrated during the daytime by using a moisturizer so that it keeps your skin soft and supple.

4. Opt for Body Massage:

Opting for body massage during menstrual cramps is another good way to take care of your skin and also your body. It helps to soothe the muscles and also relieves stomach cramps. Opting for body massage during menstrual cramps can help to increase the blood circulation which in turn helps to promote glowing and healthy skin. Apart from this, you will definitely feel calm and cool.


5. Steam Your Skin:

Your skin may look dry, patchy and unhealthy during menstrual days. In order to restore hydration to the skin and also shrink the open pores effectively, you should steam your face. Steaming is one of the effective ways that can help to rejuvenate your skin and leave you with fresh and younger looking skin. Steaming for 5 minutes can help to promote radiant and plump skin.

6. Do Not Try New Products:

One important rule you should follow while taking care of your skin in periods is you should stick to your old and favourite products. Do not try new products on your skin during periods as there are high chances of chemically laden products to react with your skin. Your skin is extra sensitive during periods and hence you should take care of your skin.


7. Acid Wash:

In order to take care of your skin during periods, you should opt for acid wash. You should be using products like salicylic acid so that it takes care of your skin and prevent the pores clogging. It helps to remove blackheads and acne on the skin. You should always look for cleansers, serum or astringents which contains salicylic acid.

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