Take Your Beauty Routine A Notch Up by Adding These Top 10 Essential Oils

The great benefits of essential oils are well known. Throughout the ages, these oils have been used to enhance beauty along with treatment of skin, body and hair conditions. Today I will share with you some essential oils you should have in your beauty closet to solve a plethora of problems.

Take Your Beauty Routine A Notch Up by Adding These Top 10 Essential Oils4

1. Bergamot Oil

• It refreshes the mind and balances emotions; great for treating anxiety and stress
• Good for bacterial or viral infections of the mouth
• It is anti-inflammatory also helps prevent scarring
• Good for oily skin conditions and is especially good at healing acne and infected pores

2. Clary Sage Oil

Take Your Beauty Routine A Notch Up by Adding These Top 10 Essential Oils1

• Clary Sage is useful in lifting depression and de-stressing
• It can ease night sweats caused due to menopause, and can encourage peaceful sleep
• Useful in counteracting hair loss and a number of skin conditions, including dry skin as well as oily skin and acne
• Reduces puffiness and signs of ageing

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3. Eucalyptus Oil

• It’s mentally invigorating and stimulating
• As an anti-inflammatory, it’s helpful in treating acne and pimples, plus a number of skin ailments like boils and infected pores
• Its antiseptic properties help to relieve pain, itchiness, and swelling from bug bites and stings, as well as serving as an effective insect repellent
• Eucalyptus acts a great body odor remover

4. Lavender Oil

Take Your Beauty Routine A Notch Up by Adding These Top 10 Essential Oils2

• Known for calming properties which aid in relieving tension, headaches, stress, depression, anxiety and insomnia
• As an antiseptic and antibacterial, lavender can be applied directly to burns and stings, where it will cool the pain. It will also stimulate blood flow to the affected area, to aid healing
• It is the most versatile all-purpose essential oil available. It’s inexpensive, and can be applied directly to your skin, if necessary

5. Lemon Oil

• Its antibacterial, antiviral, and antihistamine properties work wonders on sore throats, as well as bacterial and viral infections of the mouth, and is a great antiseptic for minor cuts and scrapes — including insect bites and stings
• A boon for oily skin, can tone and nourish problematic skin
• It’s also great for improving nails & cuticles, is an effective hair rinse, and can even help with hair loss and skin problems.

6. Peppermint Oil

Take Your Beauty Routine A Notch Up by Adding These Top 10 Essential Oils

• Peppermint oil, being anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, is useful in a number of personal body care recipes and around-the-house mixes
• In small doses, peppermint has a cooling, soothing effect, and when combined with lavender it can be useful in treating sunburns
• As an astringent, peppermint is good for bacterial or viral infections of the mouth, as well as a variety of digestive issues, nausea and diarrhea

7. Frankincense Oil

• The ideal oil for dry and ageing skin or skin with dullness and elasticity issues
• Helps in regeneration of new skin cells and maintains elasticity
• Reduces hyperpigmentation and tones skin

8. Tea Tree Oil

Take Your Beauty Routine A Notch Up by Adding These Top 10 Essential Oils3

• Because of its famed anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, it is used in face washes, masks and other skincare products
• Cures sore throats, earaches, and acne & blemishes, and works exceptionally well in treating oily skin
• Helpful for curing dandruff and itchy scalp

9. Ylang Ylang

• Excellent stimulatory action on the circulatory system, serves as great massage oil
• Most helpful in times of anger, aggression, irritability, nervous tension
• Helps in the production of endorphins (the body’s natural painkillers)
• Useful in treating dry skin conditions, as well as oily skin and acne
• Helps fight signs of ageing

10. Juniper Oil

Take Your Beauty Routine A Notch Up by Adding These Top 10 Essential Oils5

• Juniper is a great cleansing oil, when diluted (as is always necessary)
• When applied to wounds it can speed healing time and help prevent infections
• Great for use as anti-cellulite oil and stimulates circulation and blood flow

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