How Do You Tame Frizzy Hair Fast?



We all love smooth gorgeous looking hair, but reminder alert!!! Sometimes hair get frizzy and it’s completely normal to have frizzy hair, also there are so many ways you can get rid of the frizz in hair. But let’s find out first what are the main causes of frizzy looking hair? Frizzy hair in other words, is basically your hair asking for some hydration. Below are a few full proof tips to tame frizzy hair fast!

tame frizzy hair

6 Ways To Tame Frizzy Hair Fast

1. Say YES to glycerin packed shampoo: A Shampoo which contains sulphate could be one of the reason for frizzy hair. Invest in a shampoo which has glycerin as its key ingredient, it will add moisture to the hair shaft from inside out, which will also make the hair softer, smoother and comb friendly.
2. STOP avoiding your conditioner: This is another mistake you could do, beautiful hair is all about adding moisture to your hair. Look for conditioner which contains hydrating natural ingredients such as coconut oil, Shea Butter, glycerin, honey, banana, avocado etc. conditioner provides the right amount of moisture to the hair and skipping this step could damage the hair.
Tip- Always apply a conditioner from mid shaft till the ends, avoid using the product on the roots to avoid unwanted hair fall and other issues.
3. Make friends with a hair serum: A good hair serum will give hair a instant make over. Hair serum are designed to make hair frizz-free, tangles-free and gives a healthy glossy shine. Frizzy hair need hair serum at-least twice daily to improve its texture. A serum will also protect the hair from dust and humidity- Bonus!
4. Weekly Mask is a Must: Cold winds could be another leading cause for frizzy hair. Current weather! Tame your hair with a hydrating hair mask. It’s fast and effective if your a busy women. These masks are a life saver for dull hair.

How to use a hair mask: Shampoo as usual, towel dry hair, apply a generous coat of hair mask starting from mid-shaft till the ends. Wait for 15-20min rinse off with ‘cold’ water. Get softer, healthier hair in no time!
5. Hot oil treatment: A hot oil treatment has numerous benefits. It strengthens the roots, improves scalp help, keeps dandruff at bay, moisturises the cuticles, promotes blood flow, destresses and so much more. Simply mix almond-coconut-olive oil in a bowl and warm in a microwave. Apply the hot oil on the scalp and on the ends. Massage for 5-10min. Wash off after one hour OR overnight for best results. Perform the treatment every week for frizz free beautiful hair.
6. Avoid hot tools: Heating tools are the biggest cause of frizzy hair, heating tools like straighter, curler suck out the moisture from the hair making it rough and life less, avoid heating tools or minimise the usage for desired results.


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