Target Cocoa Butter Natural Bronzer: Light to Medium

Target Cocoa Butter Natural Bronzer: Light to Medium

Target Cocoa Butter Natural Bronzer Light to Medium

To help bronze and moistursie your skin

Needless to mention, my sister sent it for me since she had been hearing cocoa butter chants from my mouth (I am sure I said Palmer’s :toothygrin:  ), but never mind. She doesn’t really delve into the details of makeup and beauty like I do and must have sent the decent and affordable version of a cocoa butter she must have found during her quick grocery shopping with the baby and the pram at the supermarket, but now, I am more than happy that she sent me this and not really Palmer’s or anything because I am very happy with this body butter.


Being in Chennai, body butter may be a very pleasing sound to the ears for all of us here and perhaps, aloe, gels, light, refreshing, lime and lemony are more soothing words, but I do love body butters a lot, so much so that I keep collecting some “time pass” ones like Enliven, etc.  I am yet to move to The Body Shop honestly and I am planning to get some FabIndia ones soon.

The bad thing about body butters is that they may sound and act very greasy and are more suited to dry skin.  The good thing can be that you may need very little and may use some before bed and cover the skin up.  I would wear tiny socks for my feet after I apply some on my feet.


This one sounds very interesting to me because it says “bronze.” I am not into tanning but would definitely like some sheen to the body skin.  I have normal skin on the body, not dry, not sweaty and I can make do with butters and lotions equally well depending on the season. This body butter is surprisingly light for me and I am very pleased that it does not turn greasy and sticky on me and gets absorbed quite quickly.  I love the soft feel to it.



I do love the packing, the see-through tub and the sound of cocoa butter (5% cocoa butter).  The smell is heavenly too.  It smells like a mix of chocolate and vanilla to me, but with a hint of lemon (everyone may not like the concoction though).  Now, coming to the bronzing part.  It did not do anything for me.  No sheen, no color, nothing. I am completely ignorant as to why this has been called “bronzer” as I could not see any effect, just that it is a very softening body cream and does a great job at that, but no bronzing.  I am not complaining much as it is a very good and non-greasy body butter, but I don’t know about the bronzing claims 🙄

Last Word on Target Cocoa Butter Natural Bronzer:  Light to Medium

Don’t expect any sheen or bronze, just some nice moisturization and non-greasy feel to the skin.  I quite like it and would have been happier if they did not say “bronzer” on the pack, nevertheless, it’s a nice and quick absorbing body butter. I am yet to try many other brands after I am done with hoarding body lotions :snicker:

IMBB Rating:

3.7 on 5

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17 thoughts on “Target Cocoa Butter Natural Bronzer: Light to Medium

  1. This is like a tanning lotion no… did u check its effect in sunlight… did u get tanned more?
    Anyway nice review and nice pics… 🙂

  2. Cocoa Body Butter Help our skin to be nourish and give moisture. It’s nice and Quick absorbing Body Butter. It is good to use and it is not greasy Body Butter, The smell is heavenly too.

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