Tarte the Buffer Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush Review

Hello beauties,
How are you doing today? I am happy to see some sunshine finally after weeks of heavy downpours. Yay! I am also excited to share my latest purchase today which is a vegan friendly face brush from our much loved brand “Tarte”. So, let’s head straight to the review of Tarte buffer brush!

Tarte the Buffer Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush Review

Price: $34

What it is:
A revolutionary foundation brush that is not only supremely soft, versatile and durable for use, but also made of sustainably harvested bamboo.
What it does:
This foundation brush flawlessly blends and buffs makeup for a perfectly airbrushed effect.

My Experience with Tarte the Buffer Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush:

The brush looks extremely eye catchy in its natural bamboo wood handle and gold ferrule along with dense double-shaded hair fibers. I am still in two minds if the fibers are natural hairs or synthetic fibers. The company claims that brush is vegan friendly and it comes in pretty sturdy yet ordinary plastic packaging which I haven’t discarded as I find it good for storing my brush considering I travel a lot these days. I would have appreciated a sturdy pouch though.

brush head

Talking about the brush, it has perfect length and dimensions for a good grip and handling while working on face. It is pretty short in length to fit inside small hand bags; I usually carry it with its packaging without any concerns. I like its light-weight built considering it is made of sustainable bamboo; I mean it feels feather light while working on my skin. I see that it has square base unlike usual dome shaped brushes which makes it perfect for buffering and blending foundations on larger surface areas with no streaky or patchy finish. Moreover, it is a densely packed brush and each fiber is so soft on my skin that I hardly fee any itching or roughness on my face.


I see that its square base along with fluffy built makes it perfect for buffering any powder or liquid foundation on skin while it does a decent job with balmy makeup as well. I mean I like how it gives me airbrush finishing with most of my powder foundations be it pressed or loose; even it works like a charm with my water-based foundations especially with my current favorite Make Up For Ever face and body liquid makeup but I cannot use it with cream based foundations or skin tints. Blame it on the skin tint formula or the brush, but they both don’t go well along. It does the job fairly well with other bb creams I own still I would prefer a blender for that purpose.

bamboo brush

I also noticed that while applying a liquid based foundation, it is always good to start with small dots on face and then blend rather than dipping the brush onto makeup while for powdery makeup, it always gives perfect results if we use it light handedly or in a jiff. I mean I never seem to be going overboard with my makeup as it takes care of natural finish every single time; now it can be tricky especially when we need buildable coverage. You know what I mean? I believe to keep it forever for my powder based makeup exclusively as it buffs and blends everything to complete perfection blurring my imperfect areas, blending nicely on uneven skin texture and taking care of coverage where required.

I just feel that cleaning the brush is slight tricky considering it has wooden handle which makes me more conscious not to touch the handle while washing fibers. It did not shed bristles and often retains the shape post wash provided I follow the instructions to T, so it is tricky for me to go through instructions all the time. Other than that I don’t think I have seen anything closer to this brush; just that it is so big and fluffy that it can’t replace other brushes in my vanity such as Urban Decay good karma optical blurring brush or Sephora perfecting powder brush because they reach every nook and corner of my face whereas Tarte brush seems tricky enough to do the job.

Pros of Tarte the Buffer Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush:

• A vegan brush made of bamboo handle and synthetic material.
• It has perfect dimensions to give grip and ease of application.
• The brush is densely packed yet light weight and softest on my skin.
• The bristles are way softer and not at all itchy, scratchy on my sensitive skin.
• It has fluffy square base which makes it good enough for working on large surface area.
• It gives air brush finish within minutes regardless of using powder/liquid face makeup.
• It performs really well with any type of loose or pressed powder as well.
• It is hands down best brush for powder foundation.
• After washing, it retains its fluffy shape and texture irrespective of multiple washes.
• Quite an effective blending tool available at good price.

Cons of Tarte the Buffer Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush:

• It might be tricky for thicker consistency/creamy products.
• I doubt it has natural goat hair to.
• I need to follow washing instruction to maintain its shape and texture.
• It has a broad base which makes it tricky for hard to reach areas.

IMBB Rating: 4.8/5

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Tarte the Buffer Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush?
I would definitely like to get it again as I am totally into face makeup now and I will recommend it to every makeup junkie especially girls blessed with flawless skin who need a good blending/buffing tool to work with.

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