TBS Raspberry Lip Balm Vs Lotus Vanilla Lip Balm

TBS Raspberry Lip Balm Vs Lotus Vanilla Lip Balm

Hello everybody,

I have dry lips and spending time in a/c all day tends to make it more drier. So, a lip balm is a staple product that I always have in my bag.

TBS Rasberry Lip Balm Vs Lotus Vanilla Lip Balm

So far, I have tried the Mint and Vanilla lip balm from Lotus and Strawberry and Raspberry lip balm from TBS, and some other brands too.

Though I call it as Lotus Vanilla Lip balm and TBS Raspberry lip balm, this can be a general comparison between Lotus lip balms and TBS lip balms.

Instead of just a review on The Body Shop Raspberry lip balm, I thought it would be a good idea to compare it with my Lotus lip balm as both are my favorites for some specific reasons.

I’ll compare them in all aspects one-by-one.


Balm Second

TBS Raspberry lip balm comes in a cute plastic tub and the Lotus Vanilla comes in a stick packaging. Most of us would prefer stick form over the tub. In tub, we have to dip our finger for taking out the product, which is not hygienic.

Also, I clean my Lotus lip balm with a clean tissue once in a while to sanitize it. I can’t do anything to sanitize my TBS lip balm :nababana: This drawback can be sorted out to an extent by always using clean fingers to take the product.

Here, Lotus one scores over TBS with its convenient and hygienic packaging.

Value for Money:

TBS Raspberry lip balm is Rs.195 for 9 gm and Lotus Vanilla Lip balm is Rs.95 for 4 gm.

So, two stick of lotus lip balm would make 8g of it would be Rs.190. So, basically it looks like the price is same for equal quantity.

Here is the catch, one tends to take more product of TBS lip balm than needed as it is in the tub and also because of its consistency. But, as lotus one comes in a stick form, only “needed” quantity will be applied, so no wastage here. So, Lotus one would last for almost same time as the TBS one.  Lotus wins the bet again!

Balm 3

Color & Finish:

Though the TBS one looks liked tinted, both the lip balms don’t have any prominent color pay-off when applied on lips, but the TBS one gives a nice dewy fresh look when applied though it stays only for a little time. Lotus one also gives a bit of shine to lips, but not as dewy and fresh as the TBS one.


TBS lip balm feels more lighter than Lotus lip balm. Lotus lip balm is a little thick and feels a tad bit waxy on lips.

Smell & Taste:

Do I need to say how TBS lip balms smell. They smell delicious. The smell lingers for a while after applying. Also, it has a very, very mild sweet taste to it.

Lotus one has the faint vanilla fragrance to it, but nothing prominent after applying. It does not have any taste to it.


If I apply my Lotus lip balm in the morning , I don’t feel the need to apply it again until evening. It continues to moisturize my lips even after having meals whereas with the TBS one, I need to re-apply it at least every 2 hrs to keep my lips moisturized.

Overall Verdict:

Considering all the above points, both lip balm scores over the other in some aspect.

Lotus one satisfies all the needs of a lip balm except being a bit waxy on lips (I don’t mind that).

TBS has a few drawbacks, but can be bought for its awesome smell and the dewy lips that it gives.

I would like to call ,

Lotus Lip balm as the best essential lip balm and TBS Rasberry lip balm would be the luxury lip balm (it feels luxurious to use it :toothygrin: )

Hope this comparison helped you to decide on which one to go for!

Bye gals :puchhi:

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33 thoughts on “TBS Raspberry Lip Balm Vs Lotus Vanilla Lip Balm

  1. i have the TBS cocoa butter stick form lip balm for lips that i am using these days….totally luv it :woot: i also have a TBS lemon lip balm in tub form but yet to open it- will let u know how it is vs. raspeberry one :toothygrin:

  2. I love the cherry version of lotus lipbalm, its sheer and yet conceals pigmentation without looking OTT. Thanks for another great review Kaps 🙂

  3. Hi Karpagam! very nice review!
    I’ve been using the Avn and Lotus ranges for lip balms… not its TBS’s turn! :thumbsup:

  4. Hi IMBB beauties ………
    I bght nivea fruity shine ( strawberry flavor ) lip balm …new product in the market …
    its sparkly and has little bit of color in it ….red color
    It smells gud ….but doesnt stay for too long after every 2 hrs u hve to reapply it ….but its ok for one time purchase ….
    next time i will go for LOTUS one ………
    take care all…………

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