The Acc.Station by Sakshi Monga

There is an old superstition, which says that we shouldn’t keep our Handbags on the floor if we want to have money coming in. If you want to keep your money flowing in, you have to respect it. You can respect it by putting it in a place like Table, Lap or a BAG STAND.


The Acc.Station launches for the first time Bag stand that will take care of your bags with utmost care.


Key features –

  •  Made out of Iron
  •  It can hold more than 12 bags.
  •  Easily movable from one room to another.
  •  Can also hold Jackets, Scarf’s, and Hats.
  •  Height- 3 ft 5 inches i.e. 105cms
  •  Weight- 4 kgs
  • You can purchase your own bag stand from HERE.  Contact us HERE for all the details regarding the bag stand. We are willing to reply to your comments here as well. 🙂



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18 thoughts on “The Acc.Station by Sakshi Monga

  1. Great Idea to store bagss .. but is there some that can be kept inside alamirahs… Actually plaing them in open will attract lots of dust and all.. !

    1. yeah i agree with Poo, i m also used to seal my bags with its cover and put them in the almirahs . but nice idea for puttng day to day bags, scarfs hats etc…

  2. Sakshi, I love this stand idea. For someone like me this is super useful. i can keep my regular bags on the stand and rest can sit on my selve/ cupboard and sleep. 😀 Can’t wait to get one for myself soon. :))

    1. Hey Rati!! Thanks a lot 🙂
      I have done the same! Its so convenient for picking out daily bags!
      Let me know the Color! Will get it delivered :))

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