The Amazing Beauty Benefits of Marula Oil for Skin, Hair and Nails

Today I am back with an article which will enlighten all you beautiful ladies about the awesome beauty benefits of marula oil. For the uninitiated, marula oil is extracted from the marula trees’ seeds, which are indigenous to South Africa and Madagascar by the local village people. The oil is highly nutritious, fast absorbing and suits almost every skin type including sensitive kinds. As a fun fact, marula tree’s fruit contains 4 times as much Vitamin C as a medium sized orange and 60 percent more antioxidants than your favourite argan oil. Read on to know about the beauty benefits and uses of this oil.


Benefits for Skin


1. High in antioxidants: Due to its high antioxidant content, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles if used on a regular basis. It helps to maintain the elasticity of ageing skin and also keeps freckles at bay.
2. Makes skin more youthful: It also improves and restores the glow of skin, making it look more radiant, fresh and youthful.
3. Contains a high amount of Vitamin E: High Vitamin E content in marula ensures that your skin gets a boost of collagen and elastin so that it remains firm and supple.
4. Fights against free radicals: Antioxidants in marula fight against free radicals to prevent and slow down the process of ageing and various types of cancers.
5. It works for every skin type: Since marula oil is light, fast-absorbing and non-greasy, oily-skinned beauties can use it too and enjoy its benefits.


6. Fights off acne and scars: It is non-comedogenic, has antibacterial properties which prevent and heals acnes, blemishes and scars.
7. Balances moisture level: Use it on its own or mix it with your favourite night cream, marula oil will keep the moisture of your skin locked in without leaving a thick layer of residue.
8. Used as a face primer: Marula oil is used as a face primer before makeup application. It protects the skin from the damaging impact of synthetics and chemicals present in cosmetics.
9. Cosmetic applications: Marula oil is sometimes added while preparing skin care products like cleansers, moisturisers, foundations and peel-off masks for the various benefits it offers.

Benefits for Hair


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1. Protects hair from various elements: From the harsh heat of the sun to the hot air of your blow dryer, coat your strands with a bit of marula oil and you are sorted.
2. Nourishes your scalp: Its non-greasy and fast absorbing formula helps it penetrate to the very roots of your hair where it retains moisture and restores dead cells.
3. Fights frizz: It seals the cuticle with satin finish if applied on semi wet hair. Basically, replace your normal hair serums with this wonder oil.

Benefits for Nails


Strengthens and moisturises nails: Add this in your routine nail care army and it will work to fortify your fragile and brittle nails. This oil will transform your nails into stronger and longer nails in no time.

Various Ways to Include Marula Oil in Your Beauty Regimen:

1. Mix a few drops with your usual night cream.
2. Mix it in your favourite mud pack for a deep-skin weekly treatment.
3. Mix it in 1:1 ratio with argan, coconut or castor oil for weekly hot oil hair treatment.
4. Mix it in your warm salt water tub for a quick pedicure session.
5. Use it all over your face like other facial oils if you have dry skin.
6. Apply it directly on acne for quick spot treatment.

That’s all for today, girlies. Hope you all liked this article and found it useful.

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