The Art of Perfectly Shaving Your Legs

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Summers call for mini skirts, shorts, breezy tops and dresses and everything fun and breezy. So, it really helps knowing how to keep your legs smooth and hair-free as the summer season arrives. Shaving is the go-to hair removal method for most of us but then razor bumps, cuts and rashes spare none. So this post is about mastering the art of shaving your legs perfectly for gorgeous smooth legs which remain hair-free for longer periods of time!

The Art of Perfectly Shaving Your Legs0

1. Exfoliate first:

Always exfoliate your skin before you shave. This will get you skin rid of the dead skin cells and give you a smooth shave. Use a mild scrub or an everyday exfoliator preferably with fruit acids. I personally prefer a natural scrub made from sugar, oats and lemon juice.

2. Soak the skin for some time:

According to experts, shaving your legs or any part of your body right after you hop into the shower is bad for your skin. After you get into the shower, wait for at least 7-10 minutes. This will soften the hairs and open up the hair follicles.

3. Lather up:

No excuses on this one. Even if you are very tired or running late, do not ever give in to the temptation of shaving dry. Always use a shaving cream to lather up first for best results. Alternatively, you could use a conditioner for the same. But skip bar soaps please! They will only increase the chances of getting cuts.

4. The right razor:

To get it right, you need to use the right razor. Always opt for a multi-blade razor because that actually means less possibility of nicks and cuts as the blades are spaced closely together. I personally love the ones from Venus. Also remember to replace your cartridges or blades regularly. If you use disposable razors, make sure you do not use very old ones.

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5. Go against the grain:

It means shaving in the direction opposite to hair growth, that is, upwards from the ankle.

6. Keep your strokes short and gentle:

Go for shorter strokes, and do not press down too hard. Keeping it short and sweet speeds up the shaving process in the long run, because shorter strokes give you a cleaner shave. This will also reduce the chances of getting cuts.

7. Moisturize:

Your legs need moisture too. This is a step that definitely should not be skipped. Use an unscented moisturizer for your skin right after you shave. If you plan to go out then do use a lotion with SPF. Find one that is not too greasy and just gives the right amount of moisture.

Smooth legs with shaving

8. Stunt your hair growth:

A number of studies have shown that soy products are actually good at stunting hair growth. So the next time you are buying lotions for your legs, look out for one that is soy based.

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