The Balm Girls Lipstick Mia Moore, Mai Billsbepaid Review, Swatch, FOTD

the balm lipsticks review

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My Experience with the Balm Girls Lipsticks

I have The Balm Girls Lipsticks in two shades

Mia Moore : A gorgeous cool toned cherry red.

Mai Billsbepaid : A pinkish n*de color that would work as my lips but better for those with light pale skin tones. For warm skin tones, it works great when worn with a lip liner underneath. (check swatches below)

The first thing that you’d notice about these lipsticks is the fun outer packaging that is inspired by the James Bond and his girls. The actual packaging of the lipsticks is simple silver casing. I so wish that the print was on the lipsticks itself because as much as you love the outer cases, you’d eventually discard them. The best part about the packaging is that the lipsticks are almost weightless. I don’t know how but that’s the lightest packaging of lipsticks I have ever come across. So easy to carry around.

Coming to the colors, very strangely I like the n*de color more than the red. I have been wearing it non stop with various lip pencils and it just seems to work. The Mia Moore red shade is also gorgeous and would work on most skin tones. It’s sort of a medium red and very flattreing brightening kind of a color. You know how some reds are packed with color without being too loud or in-the-face kinds, that’s how I’d like to describe this. Easy to pull off. And can totally be worn during daytime.

A very cool part about these lipsticks is that they have a little minty cooling sensation when you apply them. I feel they add a little plumpness to the lips but don’t take these as lip pluming product. It still does that little nice something.

The red lipstick is super pigmented. The n*de one has a medium pigmentation but very buildable. These lipsticks are very light on lips. No smudging, settling in fine lines or caking up on the lips.

The staying power of Mia Moore (red) is around 5 hours on me and it leaves a lovely stain behind.

And the staying power of the (Mai Billsbepaid) n*de lipstick is around 4 hours on me and still leaves a bit of color behind, which is kind of impressive for a n*de lip color.

These lipsticks have a creamy finish to them and I found them quite a bit moisturising.

Overall, absooooolutely gorgeous lipsticks. I was so impressed with these. Lightweight, long staying and pigmented formula. Love that minty fragrance and cooling sensation they have unlike any other lipstick I own. Definitley give these a try. You’d love them! 🙂

Rating : 4.5/5

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The Balm Mia Moore


Mai Billsbepaid

left : worn on its own; right : worn with MAC whirl lip pencilthe-balm-lipstick

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  1. Not a fan of the actual packaging, could have been better compared to the carton. I totally loved the mai billsbepaid on you!! Drop dead gorgeous! :*

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