The Best Skin Care Tips for Teenagers + Product Recommendations

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I am writing almost after two months as I was busy in shifting and setting up my new place. But how long can you keep yourself from coming back to IMBB! Though I wasn’t getting the time to write, I was always checking for new products and following some great write-ups on this amazing forum. Summer is almost at its peak here requiring us to take special care of our skin and hair. Don’t forget to drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated and active through the day. When I was a teenager, I never bothered much about my skin or beauty! Those pimples and acne marks used to worry my mom more than me but I never listened to her.

The Best Skin Care Tips for Teenagers and Product Recommendations

Developing good skincare habits in the early years is always beneficial in the long run, but we always learn things the hard way! Now I realize the importance of proper skin care during teenage. So here I am with some important tips that you can follow if you are a teenager or pass on to the girls in this age group around you.

The Best Tips for Your Skin:

Identifying your skin type at this age is very essential as the skin is really fresh and delicate. Using incorrect products might cause permanent damage. 4 major skin types are: normal, dry, oily and combination. Always choose products based on your skin type.
types of skin

• Follow a simple CTM routine. Do not complicate by overloading your stash with too many products. A basic cleanser or face wash, a non-alcoholic toner like rose water and a moisturizer are enough to start with.

• Opt for an oil free cleanser with salicylic acid.
oil free cleanser

• The most common problem faced by teenagers is acne. Hormonal changes lead to production of oil in excess leading to breakouts. Follow simple home remedies for this. If the problem still persists, please visit a good dermatologist. Treating the issue at the beginning is most important.

• Never touch or squeeze that pimple. Do not use granular exfoliators if you are suffering from acne.

• Use a good sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful rays and tanning.
effective sunscreen

• Incorporate Aloe Vera based products.

• Try and opt for natural and organic products as much as possible since commercial products are loaded with chemicals that are not good for young skin.

• Check what cosmetics would suit you before buying them. I would suggest minimal use of cosmetics. A good quality BB cream, a tinted moisturizer, a kajal and a lip gloss would be sufficient for teenage girls.

• Always cleanse your face properly before sleeping, if you had used any makeup during the day. Remove even the slightest bit of makeup.

• Always keep your hair clean and dandruff-free otherwise it may aggravate acne.

• Using a gentle scrub and a face pack once in two weeks is a good idea to keep your skin dirt free
and the pores closed. Home made recipes work the best here!

Drink plenty of water for hydration and sleep well through the night. Improper sleeping patterns also affect the skin’s condition adversely.
drink more water

Some Product Recommendations:

Aroma Magic Grape Fruit Face Wash
Clean and Clear Deep Action Cleanser
Dabur Gulabari Rose Glow Face Cleanser

Patanjali Divya Rose Water
Kaya Skin Clinic Purifying Toner
FabIndia Rose Face Water

Brihan’s Grean Leaf Aloe Vera Gel
Biotique Bio Redwood Tinted Moisturizer
Clean and Clear Balancing Moisturizer

I will be back with some skincare tips for different age groups very soon. Until then, keep reading! 🙂

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