The Body Shop 100% Natural Lip Roll On – Mint Review

The Body Shop 100% Natural Lip Roll On – Mint Review


Product Description:

The product says 100% natural lip roll on, mint flavor moisturiser made from 100% natural ingredients.  With community fair trade soya oil and organic olive oil . It does not have much description because the product is pretty self explanatory, its a mint roll on lip moisturizer which can also be used as a transparent gloss.


Rs. 310


Comes in a round plastic container bottle with a roller on top the for application, has a translucent top.


The texture is thinner than a gloss, its basically an oil, so it has the texture of oil; its thin and not very sticky.  Its a transparent, colourless roll on.


Has a sweet mint fragrance.  I personally love the mint flavor, so I love the smell of the roll on, its not too strong but just right.  It kind of smells like the Upper Canada Body Balm, maybe because both of them have 100% natural ingredients.

Other Flavours Available:

Berry, Coconut, Rose, Orange.


My Take on The Body Shop 100% Natural Lip Roll On – Mint:

So, I am a huge fan of minty lip products.  I didn’t know what I would do once my EOS sweet mint lip balm got over since its not available in India.  I came across this product when I was shopping for body wash from The Body Shop and I saw this product and thought of giving it a try since I love mint flavor and I don’t know any other brand available with mint flavored lip moisturizer in India.  Also, it says 100% natural ingredients and has olive oil which is amazing for dry lips, so I went ahead and bought two of these, one for my hand bag and one for my dresser.

One of the main reasons I prefer mint lip products is that I love the tingly sensation and the cooling effect on my lips, its also supposed to plump up your lips.  Mint is one common ingredient in most of the lip plumping products.  On applying, I really liked the product, its decent for the price as its not very expensive.


It does not give you the waxy or sticky feeling, just a thin layer of oil which I felt soaked in quickly as I have chapped and dry lips most of the time.  It has a faint sweet minty taste like the mint tic tac :p The smell is not strong, its a little disappointing, but its just right for a roll on, maybe not many people prefer the overpowering minty smell.  I read that many people feel that this lip roll on is not very moisturizing.  I don’t know because I felt like this really moisturizes my lips, it may not last very long, but common, most of the lip balms don’t except EOs which unfortunately we don’t have it here.  I reapply whenever I feel my lips are flaking.  I really like the fact that its 100% natural, specially since it has organic olive oil.  One thing I did not like is that it does not give you a super tingly sensation, there’s just a really mild feeling of tingle 🙁 but the metal roller and the mint gives a cooling effect when applied . So, if you like the flavor and do not like balms which I feel are sticky when applied, you can go for this product.


Pros of The Body Shop 100% Natural Lip Roll On – Mint:

  • Not expensive.
  • Sleek, roll on packaging.
  • Mint flavor and fragrance.
  • Non sticky.
  • Organic olive oil, excellent for dry skin and lips.
  • 100% natural ingredients.
  • Easily available.
  • Can be used as a gloss.
  • Refreshing.

Cons of The Body Shop 100% Natural Lip Roll On – Mint:

  • Does not keep the lips moisturized for long.
  • Does not provide much of a tingle sensation.

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