The Body Shop Aqua Lily Body Mist Review

The Body Shop Aqua Lily Body Mist Review

The Body Shop body mists are my favourites, though I have tried just 2 of them – Aqua Lily and White Gardenia, I got to sniff few others in the shops. I am waiting for a chance to get the other ones as well [especially Japanese Cherry Blossom]. I missed it during this sale as I was too busy to go shopping 🙁  I got 3 bottles of Aqua Lily body mist during their sale in their US website. Each bottle was $2 for 100 ml. I have already finished one and almost finishing the second one as well.

the body shop aqua lily body mist

I love the simple and weightless packaging of TBS body mists. Yes, the bottles are the lightest ones I have ever come across. So I have started carrying this with me, especially during this summer I can’t do without one. The fragrance is very very fresh and I have to agree that they have floral notes as well. I spray this body mist just once or twice on my clothes and the fragrance lingers around for a while- say 5 hrs on an average.

The fragrance is mild in spite of its staying power!!!! My hubby likes this as much as I do and thus this body mist can be used by both men and women. The fresh fragrance makes me feel fresh in spite of me sweating during summer after noon. I have even tried spraying it directly on my skin and it has not caused any irritation or burning sensation.

It costs Rs.545 [Rs.745 before] for 200 ml and now the same is available as Eau De Toilette for Rs.675/30 ml, as per their website. Here are few Pros and Cons of TBS Aqua Lily Body Mist.

the body shop aqua lily body mist

Pros of The Body Shop Aqua Lily Body Mist

  • Transparent Bottle – I can always see how much is left over.
  • Light weight bottle helps me to carry it along with me.
  • Fragrance lasts long while spraying it just 2-3 times.
  • Available in all TBS outlets.
  • Good deal if bought during sale.
  • Can also be used directly on the skin.
  • Lid is intact always even if I toss it up and down in my hand bag.
  • Lovely aquatic fragrance that is also very fresh.

the body shop aqua lily body mist

Cons of the Body Shop Aqua Lily Body Mist

  • Expensive body mist. For this price the quantity could have been much more is what I feel.

I do not find any other cons with this product. I am sure this fragrance will be loved by most of us as it is not very strong and yet lasts long.

My Rating – :-* :-* :-* :-*

Will I Repurchase – Yes, the other fragrances as well . 🙂

If you haven’t tried any of the TBS body mists so far, do try any one and I am sure you will love the fragrance. After trying this body mist I got temped to try their Aqua Lily Shower Gel which I have reviewed already.

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30 thoughts on “The Body Shop Aqua Lily Body Mist Review

          1. aarthi…hav if u r plannin to buy BBW…try their sanitisers……i loveeeeeeeee themmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The smelll stays on hands for such a long time…and they do smell gr8!!!! I m using their body wash…and the fragrance doesnt leave my stays on and on….

            1. true farha… i love even the warm vanilla sugar shower gel…it smells awesome…
              @aarthi…u can get BBW frm US….prices are pretty reasonable for the quality and quantity …

  1. Aarthi….I am surely going to pick this for summer. I am so much into floral and oriental than citrusy fragrance. lovely review :waytogo: :waytogo:

  2. my body mist!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: i have around 2 empty bottles.. however i’ll b changing my fragrance for summers now… i have bough tbs morrocon rose body mist recently.. will review after a week.. :waytogo:

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