The Body Shop Body Butter Duo Vanilla Review

The Body Shop Body Butter Duo Vanilla Review

The body shop body butter duo vanilla

Claims : The Body Shop understands that certain parts of the body, such as elbows and knees, have fewer sebaceous glands and therefore need more intense moisture to keep skin looking and feeling at its optimum. This is highlighted by the 72% of women who claim to have areas of very dry skin, necessitating the use of multiple lotions and potions to keep skin soft and moisturised. Body Butter Duo now makes your life easier. One product, two formulations, sharing the same fragrance – simply divided by smart packaging. Apply the rich infusion on areas such as elbows,knees, and legs, and use the normal skin formula on the rest of your body, for up to 24-hours of moisturisation.

Price : Rs 845 for 200 ml

Ida has already done a detailed review on the Body Butter Duo Macadamia HERE. So I’d quickly run you through the likes and dislikes about the vanilla variant of the body butter duo.

Vanilla body butter duo


ingredients vanilla body butter duo

Likes and dislikes :

  • Super excellent concept and honestly, it works. I have been using it for almost a month now and I can already feel that my knees and elbows are softer than before. Also, I feel the vanilla variant is great for normal to dry skin types. In fact, both the products are so moisturizing that I don’t feel dryness until the next day.
  • The lighter part of the cream is meant for the body . It is light in texture and gets absorbed easily in skin. The thick cream part of the duo is a bit heavier and thicker. You need to rub it a bit for it to get completely absorbed.
  • The biggest turn off  of the vanilla body butter duo is the fragrance. First, it feels a little artificial and second it is super strong for my liking. It smells like strong warm scented vanilla. The cream part has much stronger fragrance than the lotion part. The fragrance is so-so-so strong that it stays until the next day. I totally dread the usage of it if in morning I have to meet someone that day because this could just be too over whelming for the other person.
  • The other drawback I feel is that the light cream part would finish up much faster than the thick cream part. In that case, you could probably fill up the empty part with your regular lotion or cream to make it convenient for you.

The Body shop bodybutter duo vanilla

Swatch : Left – light cream meant for body, right- thicker cream meant for knees, elbows etc.

swatch body butter duo

Overall , I loved the moisturizing part and the whole concept but I don’t think I would be purchasing the vanilla variant again. I would however suggest you that before purchasing you apply it on your hand/ arm, smell it and then decide. Some of you might actually like it. Product wise, it’s excellent.

I’d go with two ratings this time :

Product 4/5

Fragrance : 1.5/5

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Chocolates Courtesy : Nupur. 😀

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  8. Rati, I have this one in floral acai.. It has a very mild floral fragrance that actually disappears after a while. At first I was a little disappointed by that, but I think now that its probably good that way. As u say, strong fragrances can be a put-off.
    Totally loving ur creative pics!! :yes: :yes: :yes:

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  10. I love vanilla fragrance a lot ! 😀 So I may like it !! I want to try this range !! when will go to kolkata will surely buy this one !

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  12. Rati…I agree with the strong smell part…I have vanilla too and I totally dislike the smell. :spank: :spank:

    Once I’m done I’ll fill it up with 2 of my fav lotions :yahoo: :yahoo:

  13. hi rati..thnx for the review :thanks:
    ever since am hooked into imbb i have heard all of you going ga-ga over these body butters… n frankly i didnt have any idea about what it actually does and how to use :shame: :shame: … though the names used tp tempt me a lot :stars:
    strong smell is not much of an issue to me,vanilla too is one of my fav flavour….and woowie its good for dry skin too :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: …… really really excited to try this out :haanji: … just waiting for tha tbs sale to come again……… O:)

    1. that would be in jan end i guess. tab tak toh you wouldnt even need body butters… 😛 But they keep having member’s sale so that you may keep an eye on. :))

      1. member’s sale??? how to become member??? sorry am totally novice regarding beauty updates… n imbb is my only rescuer :shame: :shame:

          1. hein have to pay to become member? i toh became member directly without paying ony. dnt even remember how… by the way m i a member ther? now me think.. i do get promotional msgs of tbs almost every week :waaa:

  14. :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: cudnt take my eyes off the pictures……. u r doing a wonderful job Rati, This is one of ur best photography’s….

  15. such an amazing concept!! I really need to get this for my dry skin. (just hands and feet 😛 )
    Will try different variant thought.
    Abhi last week they had 20% off specially for members…..I missed it :((

    1. it’s really good jinal. 🙂 You should give it a shot! 🙂

      I am also planning to take membership. I have started buying quite a lot of TBS stuff. 😀

  16. nice photography rati 🙂 …. have used this one and i agree bout the smell part.. its pretty strong…but i just fell in love wid the whole concept of this will buy again mayb a different one this time… 😉

  17. this looks nice…although quite expensive…hmmmnnnn will hv to test the fragrance tab pata chalega ki lena chahiye ya nahi…i dont like strong ones either :waiting:

  18. seems quite a promising product Rati!!! but me too cant take strong fragrance :yikes: :yikes: Delhi mein toh thoda thoda winters shuru ho gaya hga na sighhhhhhhhh

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