The Body Shop British Rose Petal Soft Bath Foam Review

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The Body Shop keeps pampering us with their products and every now and then they come up with something new. “British Rose” is the latest launch in their bath and body collection and here I am with the review of the bubble bath. I was waiting for this collection to get launched in India because as far as floral scents are concerned, I don’t like anything except for roses. So here we go…
The body shop british bubble bath

Price: Rs 895/- for 250 ml

Product Description by The Body Shop:
Sink into the scent of a field of flowers with this beautiful bath time indulgence. With a dewy rose fragrance and the essence of British roses, this relaxing bath foam helps create a sense of wellbeing and leaves skin feeling softer and smoother.
• Foaming bubble bath
• With the essence of hand-picked British roses.
• Leaves skin feeling softer and smoother.

My Experience with The Body Shop British Rose Petal Soft Bath Foam:

Packaging: The bath foam comes in a long cylindrical bottle which is a see-through one. The bottle is filled up with baby pink shimmery fluid which makes it look very fresh and floral. It has a black cap which opens easily. The bottle is a quite huge, compared to other shower gels from them but this can be carried easily as well. It has a little rose over it which looks very cute. But I wish it had a little hole because this one has a wide mouth which lets out more quantity than needed. And as far as the price is concerned, it is double the cost of regular shower gels from The Body Shop.

Consistency and smell: The fluid is baby pink in colour which looks serene and it has that shimmery hint to it which makes it look very luxurious. It is super runny and hence I have to be very careful every time I pour it. I have not been a big fan of floral scents but the scent of fresh roses is something I adore. The bath foam smells super refreshing, calming and floral. It does not smell like a regular rose. It smells of premium quality and expensive roses. Every floral scent lover would surely fall in love with this. I loved the smell, it is very relaxing but at the same time it is pretty mild as compared to the usual “TBS” scent which is usually over-powering and last very long on the body. This smell did not last long after rinsing.

Feel on the skin: The bath foam can be sued 2 ways; they say it can be used as a bubble bath but according to my knowledge, it can be used as a shower gel and bubble bath. So as a bubble bath, it foams up brilliantly and that smell would totally take you in if you are relaxing in a bath tub. But for a bath-tub, a lot of quantity will have to be used at once to get the intense aroma. As a shower gel, it nicely cleans my body, gets rid of all the impurities and oil from my skin, making it look fresh and healthy. I think it cleanses my skin better than the other shower gels. I don’t need a lotion considering the current climatic conditions but if you have dry skin, then you might need one.

Overall, a good one to give me a much needed change from my usual fruity body washes.

Pros of The Body Shop British Rose Petal Soft Bath Foam:

• Big bottle which looks cute and attractive.
• See-through and travel-friendly bottle.
• Can be used as a bubble bath and as shower foam.
• It smells very fresh, relaxing and crisp, just like fresh rose petals.
• The scent is very calming and natural.
• The aroma will surely calm down the mind.
• It cleanses my skin well if used as a shower gel.
• An entire range available to double up the intensity of the fragrance.
• Available all around.

Cons of The Body Shop British Rose Petal Soft Bath Foam:

• Expensive.
• It might get over very soon if used as a bubble-bath.
• The smell does not last on the skin after rinsing it.

IMBB Rating: 4.3/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend The Body Shop British Rose Petal Soft Bath Foam?
No I wouldn’t get it again! I like over-powering scents like those of Strawberry and Satsuma shower gels which linger all day. Floral scent fans, sniff it at the counter and see how you like it.
Conclusion: I like the fruity ranges of TBS more than the floral collections.

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