The Body Shop Carbon Black Eye Definer Review

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I focus on a lot of eye products in my reviews because I feel like my eyes are possibly my best features. So I am constantly buying eye shadows, mascaras and am usually spending more on my eyes than any other part of my face. I know you will all agree with me when I say that Indian women has some of the sultriest eyes and power battling eye lashes on this planet. I mean we are just gifted in that section, am I right?

The Body Shop Carbon Black Eye Definer

I know I have and I know you have, spent countless hours in search of the perfect eyeliner or kajal or kohl, call it what you want. I do not think I will be wrong in guessing that we have all tried plenty of DIY’s with a diya to try and make this stuff at home while splattering ghee over your weekend pajamas. Well let me help you out ladies with just one more kajal that may or may not work out for us all, keep reading to find out!

Product Description:
I know that The Body Shop’s Eye Definer’s have been reviewed on IMBB before, in both Plum and Blue and they have not turned out to be the best. Well I am not going to lie to you, this one is not the best of the best but it is faring with me better than those two ever did.

The Body Shop Carbon Black Eye Definer

The Carbon Black Eye Definer comes as a dual ended product, with the kohl itself on one end that is to be sharpened during use and the spongy rubber smudger on the other end. Both ends are capped with a plastic cap which is breakable easily if kept alone in your purse so best to keep it in a case with other pencils or in the side zipper pocket of your purse if you are going to be taking this with you for touch ups.

GBP 9 or INR 850 for 1 gram of product. So although it is cheaper in India in UK, it still is a pretty expensive kajal pencil for 1 gram of product.

My Experience With The Body Shop Carbon Black Eye Definer:

First of all the plastic wrapping on both the ends of the pencil was ridiculously hard to remove and I had to use my teeth and a nose hair trimming scissors just to get to this product out. It is a wonder I did not snap or damage the pencil in any way. Boy that was a work out! And you know what; I am not a big fan of the sponge on the end smudger thing. It never works well for me during smudging and I feel like I am pulling, tugging and rubbing on my eye lids in a harsh manner and I feel the same for this one.

The Body Shop Carbon Black Eye Definer


I would rather just use a brush and make my life simpler and not put the delicate skin around my eyes through that much torture. What I do use those spongy tipped ends for, is for product placement in my crease; so for like a dark eye shadow before blending and for glitter on my eye lid. It also comes in handy for me when I am trying to keep my falsies in place, while drying out their glue. So I hope these tips come in helpful to you guys as well!

The Body Shop Carbon Black Eye Definer

Powering along, the kajal or kohl end itself is pretty pigmented when you swatch on your hand. It is only very slightly less pigmented when you try to use this on your waterline. The thing is when I opened up the product, I immediately used it on my waterline and it did not show up at all. I realized that was because it was covered by this white powder for some reason, so after I wiped that off, it proved to have a good colour pay off. It also did not crumble or flake but I would not recommend it for people with oily lids as this smudges easily. The lasting power is also short, lasting barely 2 hours before you need to touch up again. This does not fall on to your under eye area as the day progresses which is a good thing.

The Body Shop Carbon Black Eye Definer

Although this pencil is not hard, I cannot use this to tight line my eyes without applying a bit of pressure because its true colour only seems to come after giving a few swipes. Apart from that, the application is smooth and the pencil does not drag. It is also very easily removable with (or even without) makeup remover. I personally like to blend this on my eye lid before doing a heavy smokey look.


It has made a wonderful substitute for MAC’s Blacktrack in that aspect. It also helps me achieve my favorite look (a cut crease) very precisely. A lot of people use this to fill in their eye brows too and personally it is too pigmented for me in that aspect. But I know that people use the black, brown and even blue to fill in their eyebrows, weird!!

The Body Shop Carbon Black Eye Definer

Pros Of The Body Shop Carbon Black Eye Definer:

• Well pigmented.
• Smooth in application.
• Good colour pay off for use as a kajal.
• Blends easily on the lid for use as an eye shadow base.

Cons Of The Body Shop Carbon Black Eye Definer:

• Not very long lasting.
• Need to swipe a few times for the full effect while tight lining.
• Smudges easily.
• Just another kajal eye pencil!

Would I Repurchase Or Recommend The Body Shop Carbon Black Eye Definer?
I have repurchased this in Blue and have fared luckier than the IMBB reviewer for it in that. My pencil had good pigmentation and did not crumble, but these pencils have not blown me away or anything. I would recommend this black one, it is also currently on sale in The Body Shop stores across India.

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5

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