The Body Shop Color Crush Lipstick – Enraptured Red

The Body Shop Color Crush Lipstick – Enraptured Red

By Suvashree Biswas

Hi Dolls,

So finally I got the time to make my way to the salon. It has been a very busy week with work, family and the run-ins with the wet. After my “hairscapade” I realized next on my “to do” list was bath and body products and it was convenient that “The Body Shop” was also right across my salon. It took my just about five minutes to tick off almost everything on my shopping list.  After sampling a few body mists and tubs of body butter (I wish I could eat them) I turned my attention to their makeup section.


Now most people have this notion, why buy makeup from Body Shop and yes that included me as well. I love their bath and body products it works wonders for me but I dared myself this time to try on their make up.After a few swatches and pouts I decided to buy my first Body Shop Color Crush 115 “Enraptured Red”!!


The lipstick is so bold and so berry red and just a brilliant gorgeous shade. This color can make any drab outfit come alive just by one application. It is the perfect pouting lipstick, almost the old Hollywood glamour. So unless you’re a big Dita Von Tesse fan I wouldn’t recommend you trying this color.


The formula used in the lipstick moisturizes the lips beautifully and this is perfect for the dry heat wave most of us are experiencing this summer. So if your lips are chapped this is the perfect lippy for you. The smooth and creamy texture is perfect and the subtle rose scent is very refreshing as well (actually its yum)!!. Oh!! And did I mention it had super pigmentation power. Yes double bonus!!


It stayed on me like forever and is waterproof; it won’t come off that easy without a good makeup remover. So you can eat your dinner and drink your wine too, without having to worry about the powder room. But I do recommend one or 2 reapplication for that smooth and rich texture to remain throughout the day. Also before you reapply do not forget to blot your lips with a tissue paper it makes your lipstick last longer.


You can use a lip liner to enhance the lips and then use the lipstick but I used it without any liners and it looked stunning. In the swatch the color looks a little more pinkish but when you wear it, it’s a gorgeous raspberry red.


The lipstick was priced at Rs. 895 but I have a loyalty card so I got a 10 per cent discount on it as well. I reckon if you love good quality products and ingredients than this is the perfect lipstick for you. Plus on websites you get special discounts and coupons as well.


Price Rs. 895 for 3.5 (0.12 OZ)

Name: Enraptured Red
Type: Matte

Pros of The Body Shop Color Crush Lipstick – Enraptured Red


  • Gorgeous bold color will definitely make you look like an old Hollywood siren.
  • Super moisturizing and creamy, so go away chapped lips and boo to you dry weather.
  • Faint rose smell therefore it is delicious and makes your kisser feel good as well (wink wink).
  • Does not smudge and give you the bleeding lips look.
  • Long lasting effect, saves you the time from the powder room.
  • Highly pigmented.
  • Waterproof and hence kiss proof.
  • Packaging is very cute, I loved the red cover.
  • Value for money, price is good especially if you love the quality.
  • Feel good factor, since no animal testing is conducted.

Cons of The Body Shop Color Crush Lipstick – Enraptured Red

  • It will not come off easy so a good makeup remover is a must, hence the additional cost.
  • Some people might get turned off by the smell and taste even though it is very subtle.
  • They should have more bold and vibrant colors.

IMBB Rating:
4/5 yes overall I am convinced that The Body Shop lippys are going to find their way in my boudoir.

So keep smiling and keep pouting ladies.


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