The Body Shop Cotton Seed Curl Boost Review

My previous reviews would have introduced you to my frizzy curly hair, and my never ending quest to try different products until I can find the Holy Grail one. Most of the time, I ensure they stay in a bun, far above my neckline. I wouldn’t want to coat my hair in thick layers of styling gel- they would bring out the worst kind of dryness. Serums and detanglers are just what they are, but curl definition continue to evade me unless I start using conditioner as a leave in again. Oh that makes me sweat so much! So I decided to give The Body Shop Cotton Seed Curl Boost a try and to see how it would help.

The Body Shop Cotton Seed Curl Boost

What the brand says about the product:
This styling product is made for curly hair. It enhances natural curls, reduces frizz, smoothes and protects. It can also be used with heat-styling tools.
• Fights frizz.
• UV filter.
• Cottonseed oil is rich in fatty acids to help moisturize, define curls and reduce frizz.
• A maize-derived polymer helps to achieve bouncy, high-energy curls.
• Wheat protein enhances shine and helps to protect hair against heat styling and UV-damage.
• Community Trade Organic Honey to condition.


The Body Shop Cotton Seed Curl Boost

Price: 795/- for 150 ml

It is a cream coloured plastic bottle with a pump as a dispenser. The product comes out in one pump without any effort or additional pumping. Adequate amount of product is dispensed with no spillage. It has a transparent cap which will avoid any unnecessary spillage. The bottle is small and sleek- easy to take on travel. Because of the bottle colour it’s hard to see if there’s any left in there. So when I am at the near end, I intend to put a little water, give it a really good shake and probably get two odd uses more.

The Body Shop Cotton Seed Curl Boost

The Body Shop Cotton Seed Curl Boost

How to use:
Using fingertips, smooth a small amount through towel-dried hair. Shape curls with your fingertips before blow-drying.

My Experience With The Body Shop Cotton Seed Curl Boost:

The product comes out as a white cream, not too thick and easy to spread all over your hair. This product should be used on wet/towel dried hair. I think it can be layered with other hair product, for example you can use it in different combination with the below hair products
1) Leave in conditioner
2) Hair Serum
3) Detangler

I prefer to spread it over towel squeezed wet hair, I feel it blends in much better with a little more moisture, and leaves no slimy feeling in your hands. I have shoulder length curls so I use 3 small pumps for each side of my hair. Just spread them and grunge them like you would with any other styling product. I find this method gives me the best curls. I tried twirling my hair around my fingers but that doesn’t seem to give the right effect. This is a curl booster, not a curl maker. Straight hair girls SHOULD NOT expect any effect from this product.

The Body Shop Cotton Seed Curl Boost

The product claims to give you glossy, bouncy, frizz free curls. Let look at each of the claim and how do they fare:

1) Glossy- Hardly anything. I find my serum provides more gloss that this one.
2) Bouncy- Full marks. It gives me soft defined curls, with no crunchy feeling. Hair is not weighed down, and curls are more disciplined. However, this is provided if I follow my regular hair regime of shampoo and conditioner. If your hair is excessively dry, then this product wouldn’t work miracles.
3) Frizz free- Frizz free only for first few hours, not long lasting.

Added advantage is that this product is Silicone free; would be great for those who are following no-SLS/no-silicone regime.

The Body Shop Cotton Seed Curl Boost

The longevity is not great. As the day goes, my curls start to lose their shape and frizz up a bit – although this is pretty standard for me, even with past experiences in hair gel.
Some of you may find its smell weird. On the first whiff, I actually found it repulsive. Gradually it settled and I acclimatized to it. The fragrance is only short-lived and will not stay in your hair long after application.

There are two ways to apply it:
1) Applying on wet hair and letting it air dry. I have mostly used this product in this combination. The curls come out equally good and defined.
2) Using it along with heating tools. Since it provides heat protection, it will be an advantage for people who blow dry their hair. I tested it and found the effect to be the same as above. I think with 3b/c hair, you can hardly make out any difference between air and blow drying. But those who have 2a/b type soft curls, may find the effect more defined with a curling rod and this product.

The Body Shop Cotton Seed Curl Boost

It also claims to provide UV protection, but I can’t really pin point what effect does that have on my hair.

It’s a good product, but it isn’t my Holy Grail. It has some good concoction of natural ingredients which shouldn’t be as damaging as other styling products. It is heat protectant and UV filter. It has some advantage of providing bouncy curls, but does not help anyway in frizz reduction.

Pros Of The Body Shop Cotton Seed Curl Boost:

• Provides better definition to the curls along with a softness.
• Silicone free great for no-SLS/no-silicone hair regime .
• Is heat activated, so you can rest assure it wouldn’t be aiding in frying your hair.
• Claims to have a UV filter.
• Travel friendly packaging.

Cons Of The Body Shop Cotton Seed Curl Boost:

• Price could have been more attractive, I would prefer to pick it up during sale next time.
• Not much help on frizz control- but this is specific to a humid dry city.
• Some may find the smell weird.

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5

Would I Recommend/Repurchase The Body Shop Cotton Seed Curl Boost?
Go for it if you want to give your hair something milder than the existing harsh chemicals along with the added advantage of heat protection. I think I may find it more useful in a non humid location since it will help me achieve a frizz free effect. But I guess summers are still meant to be spent tied up in a bun, way above my neckline.

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    1. Hi Anjana. i am still looking for it. Sometimes i think just using my regular conditioner as a leave on conditioner and scrunching hair has the same effect as those styling products. But i end up sweating a lot after that.

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