The Body Shop India Sale is On Baby!

The Body Shop India saleOkay,  long awaited The Body Shop India Sale is on. I picked up some stuff from there today. The sale says upto 50 percent off but most products are 15 percent off and a very few of them are ar25, 35 and 50 percent off. People are just buying buckets full of stuff. 😛 It’s time you too rush as well! 🙂

Members have an advantage of extra 10 percent off. So it means if you are a member you could avail the benefit of 25% on a 15% off stuff. The membership fees is Rs 500 and you would get a 10% discount through out the year.

I would review the products that I bought in coming week so that it might be helpful to some of your guys.

Some updates:

I went to Shopper’s Stop to check out Lakme’s Satin Finish Lipsticks. First the SA didn’t even know that something new was launched by Lakme. The stock was displayed right in front so I only told him that these are the new launches. Second, I wanted to check those out but they didn’t have the testers. The guy gave me an offer to pick the lipsticks only by their number. Third, I asked him for a 527 shade. They had all lipsticks in only 423 shade. Sigh!! He didn’t even know the price. I was so annoyed.

The same Shopper’s Stop has an offer going on Maybelline lipsticks and nail paints. Buy two get one free. I selected two shades and then asked if I could choose the third one. They said that there is only one fixed shade. I asked them for the free shade but they had no clue about it. Reason, the Maybelline SA had gone out for a lunch and no one else but him could give an info about the free shade. Finally, didn’t buy anything.

I had no more enthusiasm to look for stuff at other counters so I headed straight to the Colorbar’s store.

Boy! they never fail to impress me. I think they have included someone new in their staff and the girl was so smiles and warmth. To give you some updates about makeup:

  • Colorbar has launched some 8-10 shades of blushes and in some gorgeous colours from browns to peaches to plums to gold and silver shimmers. I picked up another one. 😛
  • They have come up with coloured kajals. Right now in two colours-purple and black. the packaging is one to fall in love with. It’s shiny black packaging with a little red ribbon hanging at the bottom. How cute is that. 🙂
  • They have come up with duo lipsticks. These lipsticks are only for their stores and would not be sold online. They are created on the concept of changing your look from day to night.  They are two lipstick shades joined with each other from between. One shade is lighter for the day time and the other one is darker for the night time.  The third shade you can create by mixing the two. Price is in the range of Rs 375 or 400. Forgot! 🙁
  • And new nail paint colours as usual.

Here is the blush I bought:

Colorbar Blush Cinnabar
Colorbar Blush Cinnabar
Colorbar Blush Cinnabar Swatch
Colorbar Blush Cinnabar Swatch

It’s a peachy blush witth sliver shimmer and it’s called Cinnabar.

The SA was very sweet and made my shopping a happy experience. 🙂 I so love colorbar, they are really doing some thoughtful and quality work.

Inglot has the same 40 percent off going on their nail paints. Inglot has the face primers (Rs 900)and eyeshadow primers (Rs 490). The eye primers look like the MAC paint pots and the face primer is a transparent silicon gel that comes in an tiny tube.

Just in case you guys try any of their primers. Do let me know. I am yet to try primers. 🙂

By the way, have you guys tried Maggi’s Pazzta. I love it. It’s such a lazy people meal. 😛


15 thoughts on “The Body Shop India Sale is On Baby!

  1. Actually I always get this feeling that INGLOT is a big MAC dupe in terms of packaging or the feel or products. So far, I just have an eyeshadow from Inglot and it’s excellent. So can’t actually compare the two hand in hand but gives a similar feel.

    Do try it out and lemme know. Have never used primers.

  2. Omg u have inglot too? First lush now this? I wanna move to ur city. Do u know any decent rich single guy? Lol * good SA make a huge difference, I wodnt go to a shop where staff is least updated

  3. Sarah, now I am annoyed that you have not been reading all my posts. 😛 I live in the capital city of India, where else do you think most all the good stuff would be available? My husband keeps teasing me that he has to work harder and harder to afford me. 😛 And a decent single guy, I’d say you trap some handsome MAC SA. Imagine how happy you would be. 😀 Here is the Inglot Post:

    SAs do make a lot of difference but sometimes you just love the brand and come across these stupid SAs. So there you have to use your brains and get whatever you think is the best. So, can’t help much.

  4. Oh God! Now I am so confused.. Do I splurge at Body Shop or do I chk out Colorbar 😛

    I have been waiting for this body shop sale for a yr now, since i missed the last one.. The colorbar purple eyeliner sounds interesting too.

    I know wht u mean by incompetent SAs. & u r right about colorbar. I am always delighted whenever i go to their counters.

    Thks for all the information Rati!

  5. Tanveer, I think you must check out both. 🙂 You know when I saw the purple kajal, I instantly thought about you. I am really impressed with how much thought these guys are putting for creating cosmetics. Also, the best part is that they are not overly expensive, which is something great.

    Most welcome. 🙂

  6. I knowww rati u live in “DELHI” not so far from lahore is it? I might drop by some day :p am jealous beacause we don’t have all these here so I have to order online*sighs* those shipping charges are rip off.

  7. It would be a pleasure to meet you , Sarah. Do drop by. 🙂

    lolzz!! i think we all crib. I crib because I am just not satisfied with all the brands we already have. I want all the brands that are not here like bobbi brown, illamasqua and Nars. We women will never be satisfied. 😀

  8. OMG

    fish !! this blush looks so Breathtaking .. wow , colorbar is really progressing man
    and I blame yu RATI , this blush tuk my breath away .. I wanted this color for so looong
    have to get it , SOON !@

  9. Palak, this blush has become my fav blush now. love it. If this is how colorbar is going to go, we would be safely be able to call colorbar as India’s MAC. 🙂

    Lozz, get one for yourself. It would look gorgeous on most Indian skin tines. 🙂

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