The Body Shop – Invent Your Scent Collection Pack Review

The Body Shop – Invent Your Scent Collection Pack

I got The Body Shop Invent Your Scent Collection during my trip to U.S last year. I don’t think this product is available all the time. Previously they had these products in a different packaging, I couldn’t buy that then. After few years again they had introduced this in a different and more convenient packaging.


This collection has 6 different fragrances each packed in a 5ml spray tubes. These tubes are made of plastic and hence no chances of breaking. Thus it is ideal to be carried around with us. Each bottle is colored differently and that makes this kit very cute. The previous one had 9 or 12 EDTs in smaller bottles and this time they have reduced the number and increased the size and quantity.

These are the EDTs in the collection

  • Amorito EDT
  • Chymara EDT
  • Zestini EDT
  • Aztique EDT
  • Velique EDT
  • Rougeberry EDT

When I checked in their website today they have the 9 scents collection mentioned but they are ‘out of stock’ 🙁  As per the suggestion by ‘The Body Shop’ it is better not to mix more than 2 fragrances. I usually spray one of this and then randomly pick the other one and spray it on top of it. I really don’t remember the combinations that I really liked as I just pick 2 from the kit quickly and carry it with me during any travel.

Lid Open
Lid Open


This has a strong chocolate fragrance as they have it in the top, middle and base notes as well. This is not dominatingly a women or men’s fragrance and hence both men and women can use this. As suggested by TBS this can be clubbed with Aztique fragrance to create a new fragrance or can be used with any other in the collection, as TBS claims each one goes well with rest of the EDTs in the pack. It can be used alone also and this has a woody/musky feel.

From The Body Shop

Sweet and irresistible. A gourmand’s delight, with notes of jasmine, chocolate, and vanilla. Mix it up with Aztique or wear it alone.

Fragrance Notes: Top: Chocolate, Heart – Jasmine, Chocolate Bottom: Vanilla, Chocolate

My Rating – :-* :-*:-*


Compared to the previous one, this is a bit mild and also musky. This will fall under the romantic perfume category. I think this is the 2nd best I like among the six in the kit. The dominant fragrances are berries, musk and little floral. If you smell this I think most of you will love this one when compared to the rest.

From The Body Shop

Musky and sexy. A ‘floriental’ cocktail with notes of berries, white lilies, and amber. Mix it up with Amorito or wear it alone.

Fragrance Notes: Top: Mandarin, Pineapple, Berries Heart: Muguet, Rose, White Lilies Bottom: Woody, Cedarwood, Praline, Musky, Ambery

My Rating – :-*:-*:-*:-*


This is the only fresh fragrance in the entire range of collection. When I saw the color I thought this would be lemony or citrusy and yes it was. Even this had woody base notes so these notes subtle down the citrusy fragrance. This is again my 2nd favorite among the six [on par with Chymara] and this is the only one I always use it alone without clubbing it with any other in the kit.

From The Body Shop

Juicy and zesty, this mouth-watering citrus delight smells of freshly squeezed lemons. Combine with another scent or wear alone.

Fragrance Notes: Top: Lemon, Grapefruit, Sweet and Bitter Orange, Cassis, Peach, Leafy Accord Heart: Freesia, Peony, Jasmine and Base: Musk, Tonka, Teak Wood, Sandal Wood

Recommendation from The Body Shop : Combine our Rougeberry Eau de Toilette with our Zestini Eau de Toilette to create a fresh fruit cocktail of confidant berry and zesty notes, perfect for fun days out when you really want to draw attention to yourself. Or combine the chocolately notes of Amorito Eau de Toilette with the zesty fragrance of Zestini to create a wild fragrance that will bring out your adventurous side!

My Rating – :-*:-*:-*:-*


This is another musky fragrance in the lot. Though it is musky the notes are not very dominating and also it is mild and bearable. This smells more floral and fruity but I couldn’t identify the smell of any particular flower or fruit, as it is a fine blend. This is the one I like the least as this has woody notes that doesn’t make the fruity smell stand out.

From The Body Shop

Fruit, floral and woody notes combine to create a fruity and flirty fragrance that is young and fresh. Combine with another scent or wear alone.

Fragrance Notes: Top: Aqua Leaf Accord, Bose Pear Accord, White Peach, Banana, Lemon Peel Heart: Cyclamen, Rose, Lily of the Valley and Base: Musk, Sandal Wood, Amber, Blonde woods

Recommendation from TBS: Combine the soft fruits of Aztique Eau de Toilette and the rich chocolate notes of Amorito Eau de Toilette to create a fragrance that brings out your mischievous side. Or mix Aztique with our Rougeberry Eau de Toilette for a fabulous fruit cocktail of fragrance notes combined with florals for a truly delicious scent to wear at any time of day throughout the year.

My Rating – :-*:-*:-*


This is a completely feminine fragrance and absolutely romantic too. When I saw the pink label on it I guessed it would be for women but never thought I will love it to the core. This is the best among the six and my favorite too. I wanted to purchase a bottle separately but could never find one in the store whenever I visited them. Woody notes actually compliment the other fragrances. I just love this one.

From TBS

A floral and romantic fragrance, with fruity floral and woody notes, that’s lush and fresh. Combine with another scent or wear alone.

Fragrance Notes: Top: Violet leaves, Bergamot, Red pepper, Berried, Palmarosa, Rose leaves Heart: Rose petals, Peony, Lily of the Valley, Fresh Jasmine, Cyclamen and Base: Sequoia, White Musk, Sandal Wood

Recommendation from TBS: Use our Chymara Eau de Toilette and our Velique Eau de Toilette together for beautiful florals combined with exotic fruits to create a mysterious fragrance for you to wear with fruit appeal. Or soften the zesty fragrance of our Zestini Eau de Toilette with the rich floral notes of Velique for a beautifully demure scent that enhances your feminity.

My Rating –:-* :-*:-*:-*:-*


This is completely fruity or I would even say berry-licious. This comes with a hot pink sticker on the bottle and smells yummy. Again no strong woody notes so no restriction to pick it up from the collection more frequently. The smell is good and I neither love it nor hate it but simply I like it.

From TBS

A sparkling explosion of berry fruit and beautiful floral notes that awaken the senses. Proceeds from the sale of every bottle go to MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation, and help towards raising awareness and stopping the spread of HIV among young people.

Fragrance Notes: Top Notes: raspberry, tangerine and apple. Middle Notes: heliotrope, rose, violet and peach. Base Notes: musk, amber, cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla and sugared almond.

No recommendations from TBS for this, so guess it goes well with the rest 😉

My Rating – :-*:-*:-* + 0.5

What I like about this collection?

  • The number of fragrances available is more than enough also since it can be clubbed with the rest I feel this is quite a good deal that I got at one shot.
  • I like 4/6 in the collection so I was really glad.
  • Best gift any one could give to a perfume lover like me 😉
  • Each one is different from the other and that makes each one unique and best on its own.
  • Also available in separate bottles so we can choose the best among the 6 and get the fragrance separately. Like how I love ‘Velique’ one.
  • 1 or 2 of these can be used by both men and women and rest all for us . :0
  • Easy to be carried with us and unbreakable too . 🙂

What I dislike about this collection?

  • All fragrances have woody notes. Though this is not my kind I just wanted to try these and the ones with mild woody notes didn’t disappoint me.
  • It is really hard to take these out of the box as they get stuck so hardly that either I have to crush the plastic base where these bottles are placed else I have to throw the base out.
  • The names are weird and I am not very convenient with these, so whenever I mention it, I mention it with their color and not the names.

Would I Repurchase – Yes. Not the entire kit but just the ‘Velique’ one for sure. Sorry girls I don’t remember the price  🙁 but I felt it is not very expensive when I got this one. This was all I could recollect.


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