The Body Shop Moringa Hand Cream Review

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I had previously shared with you how I adored The Body Shop’s Moringa Beautifying Oil especially its fragrance. So, I went ahead and picked up the hand cream too in the same fragrance.  I am constantly in need of hand creams throughout the year due to my dry skin. Many of my face creams which do not work well for my face ultimately end up as my hand creams but that does not solve the problem entirely. As I need a hand cream which should provide good moisturization and yet should not make my hands greasy. Though I bought this hand cream more influenced by its fragrance, let me share with you what other qualities I found out about this hand cream.

The Body Shop Moringa Hand Cream


The hand cream comes in a travel-friendly tube with a black cap. The tube has a shiny pale golden color. An image of white and yellow moringa flower sits proudly on the tube cover. The cap is extremely good to use and sturdy. The cream has a faint and pale yellow color. The cream contains cold pressed seed oil from hand picked moringa pods.


1 oz.(30 ml) tube is priced at $6.

Product Description:

The Body Shop Moringa Hand Cream


The Body Shop Moringa Hand Cream

My Experience with The Body Shop Moringa Hand Cream:

The hand cream is very light and as I start blending the hand cream, it gets completely absorbed immediately. I find this very advantageous as there is no waiting time and I can start working with my hands. Most of the hand creams I have used earlier make my hands very greasy which I did not find happening with this hand cream. So I prefer to use this cream while handling paper work.

The Body Shop Moringa Hand Cream

However, as I have very dry skin, I start feeling dryness in my hands again very soon. So, I end up constantly reapplying this cream as it feels that my hands are missing sufficient moisturization. I think the product might be more suitable for oily skin or if you have normal skin.

It has a fragrance very similar to the Moringa beautifying oil. It is very mild and floral. The fragrance is not at all overpowering and it fades away after application. Overall, I found this hand cream decent and suitable at work place.

Pros of The Body Shop Moringa Hand Cream:

  • Gets absorbed completely after application.
  • Does not leave any greasy feel on the hands.
  • Suitable for oily skin or normal skin combination.
  • Good mild and floral fragrance.
  • Travel-friendly packaging.
  • Suitable for use in work environment.

Cons of The Body Shop Moringa Hand Cream:

  • Not suitable for dry skin.
  • Requires constant reapplication.
  • Does not provide extensive moisturization.

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Would I Repurchase The Body Shop Moringa Hand Cream?

Yes, I would buy the hand cream again as I really like the Moringa fragrance. However since it does not provide extensive hydration, I would still try hand creams from other brands.

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  1. I have the Almond one from TBS. It doesn’t have fragrance and suitable for work. But my hands also get dry quickly. Anyone knows any good hand moisturizer?

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