The Body Shop Spa Of The World French Lavender Massage Oil Review

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Today’s review is from the Body Shop range! I know, we have a lot of ardent fans of this brand here on IMBB, but honestly, I had not been too enamored by the brand. I tried a handful of stuff from the Body Shop, and a couple of things became staple – like the Strawberry Body polish, Vitamin E serum-in-oil, Seaweed face scrub. The rest…a bit meh! So, when I saw this new “Spa of the World” range which had overwhelming reviews on the blogosphere – I was intrigued and excited because I love oil – both face and body! And if I am honest, the cooking variety too, but let’s not start an “aloo tikki and samosa” conversation! I liked the feel of a number of products in this range, so ended up picking 3 massage oils, 2 scrubs and the clay mask. Let’s see how the first of the oils – lavender oil performed.
The Body Shop Spa Of The World French Lavender Massage Oil

Product Details:
In the 14th century, King Charles VI of France demanded pillows filled with lavender to soothe him to sleep. Lavender essential oil has a natural relaxing scent which promotes a sense of well-being. Use this calming massage oil as part of our relaxing ritual when you’re in need of a fast-track to tranquillity.

  • Relaxing massage oil.
  • Soothes body and mind.
  • With lavender from the south of France.
  • This is part of our Relaxing Ritual!


INR 1695 for 170 ml.
Products details

Packaging:  The packaging is good – it’s a stubby dark tinted plastic bottle with a wide base. This ensures the bottle stands well, not likely to topple over and spill the oil. The dark tint of the bottle hopefully ensures that the product remains stable. The plastic bottle is safe from breaking. There is no cardboard box or anything with it, just the bottle and it has got a screw-on cap. Once opened, it reveals a plastic stopper with a small hole, which gives sufficient control on the liquid being dispensed.  I wish it came with a pump, but that seems to be my general grouse with pretty much all oil products.
Price details

My Experience with The Body Shop Spa Of The World French Lavender Massage Oil:

A bit about my skin – I have extremely dry skin. I have been recommended by my dermatologist to never skip moisturizer after bath. I’ll be honest, I do not always pay heed to the advice, but when I don’t, I do end up repenting it! So, if there is a product, which can make the TASK of applying moisturizer enjoyable and make it last at least 24 hours – I’m in! Over time, I’ve realized that oils work better at this job than the regular moisturizers. The issue is that oils tend to stain clothes, etc, and the leave a residue. Right? Wrong! The new-age products have somehow overcome these issues and are just about perfect!
Massage oil bottle

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The Body Shop massage oils are absolute “God sent” for me! The Lavender Massage oil is absolutely heavenly. It smells of….well, Lavender! Obviously!! 😉 We all have heard and/or experienced the beauty of lavender oil – it’s calming, it helps the senses and the body relax, and has a very soothing effect. Though the lavender oil is fairly low in the ingredient list – superseded by sweet almond oil, sesame oil and Jojoba oil, the fragrance of lavender is still fairly strong, though not overpowering.
The Body Shop Spa Of The World massage oils

The oil itself is not very thick, it’s light and absorbs easily into the skin. Initially, I was wondering whether it would be appropriate to use it as a daily moisturizer, especially in summers, since it has been termed as a “massage oil.” I have been using this regularly (along with the other oils) and have had no concerns. The body stays moisturized, I can identify this because you can generally write on my skin with a nail – it’s that dry! Do not be put off by the term “massage oil” – you do not need to spend hours trying to massage it in. It absorbs into the skin fairly quickly, without leaving any residue behind. You kind of enjoy the application process and a little goes a long way. You don’t really need a ton of product for the whole body.
Swatch on hand

I love the lovely healthy sheen it gives to the skin. No! not residue, just a shine.

The best part about this oil is obviously the calming effect it has on the senses. So, I generally reserve this one to apply in the night, before sleeping. It helps the body relax and induces good sleep! Be warned – it can get very addictive!

Also, if you are the kind who likes getting massages done in a spa, you can totally take your oil along and ask the person to use this instead. Why? Sometimes, it helps to use an oil and fragrance you are comfortable with.

To sum this up for you:

Pros of The Body Shop Spa Of The World French Lavender Massage Oil:

  • Lovely lavender fragrance – yes, it is subjective.
  • Relaxes the mind and body.
  • You get the feeling of pampering your skin.
  • Leaves body feeling soft, supple, nourished.
  • Lightweight, absorbs fairly quickly.
  • Induces good sleep.
  • Can be used all year round.
  • Does not stain clothes.
  • Stays liquid – through the year.

Cons of The Body Shop Spa Of The World French Lavender Massage Oil:

  • Nothing really.

IMBB Rating:
A definite 5/5 product.

This is a heavenly oil – made to relax your mind and body and it delivers 100%. Yes, it costs a pretty penny, but I feel the bottle would last a decent amount of time since you don’t really need too much for the whole body.

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