The Body Shop Tea Tree Concealer Review

The Body Shop Tea Tree Concealer Review

Hello and Lovely morning, Ladies,

There is one brand that I’ve never been keen to know, it is TBS. I don’t know why, but somehow, the all natural thing doesn’t gel well with me. I was introduced to this brand by my sister who swears by it and suggested I buy their nail polishing block and I must admit after that my perception about the brand has changed. So, yesterday I again ventured into the store with some vouchers from my dear sister who gifted them to me :D.

Body Shop Concealer

I was absolutely clueless about what to buy because I am not very fond of skincare products and makeup stuff I already have a lot, plus TBS doesn’t have too many color cosmetics in their product line, so after much pondering and looking around the store, I opted for this Tea Tree Concealer which the SA suggested that I try because Tea Tree extracts is good for oily skin people. I am still not very convinced about that “oily skin suitable part,” but anyway, I liked it after the SA tried some of it under my eyes and so I bought it and moreover, my under eye area is not that oily as compared to the rest of the face, so I guessed it would suit me, and I was right!!! Read on to know more.

What Does The Body Shop Say about this Product:

A handy portable stick to conceal blemishes, without over drying the skin.


There is a complete ingredient list when you peel the paper on the cap.

Size: 4.50g.

Price:  Rs. 445.

My Take on The Body Shop Tea Tree Concealer:

I bought it a few days back . On most days I wear it under my eyes and set it with translucent powder. One day I travelled a long way, went out in the sun, and yet I had no problems with it, no allergies or irritation of any sort. Also, it did cover my slightly dark under eyes area pretty well. I have been looking out for a concealer for a long time, but couldn’t zero in on any product. I am happy with my purchase. This comes in a portable stick case with a cap, can be directly applied to the skin or with a brush. The packaging is refreshing green colored and sturdy. The fragrance is very light and soft and that of tea tree oil, you can only get it when you sniff the bullet hard. Otherwise, when applied on the face, there isn’t any fragrance that I could smell.

It isn’t a heavy coverage concealer, I’d say medium, and I like it like that because that is exactly what I wanted. Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase and still have some vouchers left so I’ll go TBS shopping yet again in a few days, yay!!!

What I Absolutely Love about The Body Shop Tea Tree Concealer:

1. Medium coverage.
2. Very creamy, Easily blendable.
3. Handy casing.
4. Good quantity for that price.
5. Mild fragrance.
6. Slanted tip which makes it easy to reach areas like inner corner of the eyes and around the nose.
7. Not drying unlike many other concealers I’ve used in the past.
8. Full ingredient list under the peel of the cap.
9. Not tested on animals.

What I Don’t Like about The Body Shop Tea Tree Concealer:

1. Not many shades available, only two shades, #01 for fair skin and #02 for medium skin, I mean hello, you selling in India, right???
2. It is not kept under the makeup stuff section, so difficult to find in the store , ha ha, I don’t know much about TBS you see.

Other than these two cons, I don’t think there is anything wrong with this concealer. It is a medium coverage concealer, great for under eye area because it doesn’t dry it up and I can carry it easily in my bag. I am loving this for now. Here are some pictures I clicked for you girls.



Hope you find the review useful.

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29 thoughts on “The Body Shop Tea Tree Concealer Review

  1. seems like good one, same thing even i saw in garnier roll on concealer, only two shades, I bought medium shade and that if i apply a bit more looks ashy !but yours look good :thumbsup:

      1. Ya Rati when I use less then it brightens and I quite like it ! For the first time, when I bought I was very excited and applied a lot! :yuck: Then the effect was :stars: I have pigmented lids so you can guess , how it would look ! 😀

    1. I have the Garnier one too, and like Rati had said in her review that it brightens up the under eye area superficially but doesn’t do anything to actually make it better, I absolutely feel the same too..Also I think you have to blend it quickly or it dries out, which is not the case with this body shop concealer, so its better than the Garnier one.. :specs: :specs:

  2. it does look quite nice and natural agnibanya. 🙂 For myself I prefer semi liquid concealers. i just find them easier to work with but whatever works. And this really sounds great performance wise. 🙂

    good review. 🙂

  3. Btw, I was initially looking for semi liquid kind of concealer only, but quite liked this one, :thumbsup: better than Colorbar wala stick or the tub, not too many mid segment cosmetics brands stock concealer, no??? :haanji:

  4. Good review Agni……….I want to try Body Shop’s tea tree range now…especially the face wash and toner…….concealer toh abhi chahiye….I have acne scars now :((

    1. haww, :shout: :shout: acne scars, use homemade chandan paste at all times of the day, mix with home made raw haldi ka paste for best results 😉 😉 …10 days and u’ll notice the difference..dadi ma ke nuskhe :specs: :specs: :specs: :specs:

  5. i’ve seen this @TBS bt i already have a disastrous experience with their regular concealer stick. so nvr paid any attention to this. ‘ll chk this out for sure now. :thanks: for sharing :-*

  6. i wish pimples and acne had expiry date….i’m going to be 30 and am still having those, especially when i have to go for an important function,they sprout out in the morning.. :waaa: :waaa: :waaa:

  7. hey agni i agree wid you! i get pimples just the day before a grand event! it’s like they KNOW when’s the worst time to show up :devil: :devil: :idk:
    nice review btw! 🙂 you know you can get urself shower gels, body butters, body polish etc with those precious vouchers! :drool: :drool: :snicker:

    1. hmm.. I thought I’d find out first,read some reviews here on IMBB and then make a purchase… :pompom: :pompom:
      coming weekend it will be..Durga Puja from Monday onwards.. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :jalwa: :jalwa: :jalwa: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

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