The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool and Creamy Wash Review

The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool and Creamy Wash Review

Hello Beautiful Imbbians,

Wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day in advance.  Mothers are a true blessing from God, I wish safe and blissful day ahead to every mother and child! So, what are your surprise plans for your mums or are you getting a surprise gesture from your kiddos. My kiddo just gave me surprise gesture by saying “mummaa mummaa.” The day for which I was waiting for since so many years finally came and I just melted inside feeling speechless and spellbound by the beauty of her expressions and words, really choked! This mother’s day is going to be my memorable day forever I feel! Now, let me get back your attention towards a new entry in my skin care regimen – TBS Tea Tree New Cool and Creamy Wash. Keep scrolling down to know further about this cool and creamy wash.



$ 12.50 for 3.3 fl Oz (100 ml).


TBS Tea Tree Ingredients

Product Description:

Our cool new cleansing sensation is the perfect wake-up call for blemished skin. Use daily for a velvety-soft cleanse with a blast of cool freshness.

• Cool, creamy texture.
• Designed for blemished skin.
• Helps remove impurities.

TBS Tea Tree Cool Creamy Wash 2


This cooling face wash comes in a semi-opaque, travel-friendly tube packaging with a flip top opening. The texture of the face wash is quite thick and creamy with a pleasant aroma and sensation of tea tree and menthol on skin.

TBS Tea Tree Cool Creamy Wash 3

My Experience with The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool and Creamy Wash:

As you all know, I have become a big time fan of The Body Shop store, especially for their charity samples and “Tea Tree” range.  Since the day I used Tea Tree Facial Wash, it became my HG face wash truly. Thanks to IMBB for such wonderful reviews, else I would have never known about these goodies. Never mind, now I am fully going to utilize this beauty treasure as long as I stay here 😀 I was looking for my tea tree face wash when a cute SA introduced me to their New Tea Tree Cool and Creamy Wash.

TBS Tea Tree Cool Creamy Wash 4

I would call her cute and smart because she already knows the purpose of my visits 😉 I just read about this new face wash and asked her if I could try it out as it was yet to launch in a week or so, but I wanted it the same day.  The sweet lady not only gave me free samples to try it out first, but also permitted me to purchase it even before it was launched in the market, cool isn’t it? It has been a month since then and I feel its apt time for me to share this beauty treasure with you all.

TBS Tea Tree Cool Creamy Wash 5

Let me tell you as the name says, it feels cool and refreshing on my face, maybe because of the presence of menthol, but it is a temporary effect. The surprising factor is that I always felt menthol tends to dry out my sensitive and oily skin, but this face wash is very gentle and does not dry out my skin.  I feel my face squeaky clean and cool for a few minutes and after that its normal. I just don’t like its white texture, which exactly looks like Colgate toothpaste and when I apply it over my face, I feel the same kind of refreshing chilling sensation as that from a toothpaste 😛

TBS Tea Tree Cool Creamy Wash 8

It also does not form a lather like the Blackhead Exfoliating Face Wash, but it is good than the previous face wash. I feel it effectively cleanses away whiteheads from my face, but ineffective on black heads in the first wash, though it does not claim.  It does clear red and brown spots on the face and I feel clear, oil-free skin afterwards.  Even my pores also tend to become invisible temporarily for a few hours. Moreover, I did not notice any zits or acne since using it which is pretty cool for me as summers used to be an invitation call for zits and scars on my face, but now, they are no more. However, I would have loved a lathering face wash because since it is lather-free, I am sure its going to finish off quickly. I feel it would serve me best in winters when I feel the need of moisture and cleansing at one go, it will suit almost every skin tone as it hydrates yet cleanses skin well.  I think combination and dry skin beauties should give this a  must try, it will suit you best!

Let’s sum up the pros and cons:

Pros of The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool and Creamy Wash:

  • A cool and creamy wash suiting almost every skin tone.
  • Effectively cleans face, yet hydrates skin well.
  • Its also effective against white heads and black heads after several uses, though it does not claim to do so.
  • Refreshes skin with cooling menthol yet not over drying.
  • Keeps zits and pimples at bay.
  • My pores look temporarily invisible for a few hours.
  • Keeps skin matte for a few hours.
  • Travel-friendly packaging.
  • Nice tea tree aroma which is bearable unlike other tea tree products.

Cons of The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool and Creamy Wash:

  • It does not form lather.

As of now, I only have one issue and that its finishing off quickly as it does not lather and I always take a pretty good amount of wash in one usage! I would highly recommend it to sensitive, dry and combination girls, you will really love it for its cooling yet hydrating properties. However, I feel it is good for me in winters when I need extra hydration and care. As long as I am enjoying cloudy and cool summers, it is good for my skin, else I will switch back to my tea tree skin clearing facial wash.

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  1. wow it provides cooling sensations *woot* that is what is needed during summers *happy dance* *happy dance*

    1. yeah it does gives cooling sensation dear.. *haan ji* if you have dry combi skin u’ll surely love it.. *haan ji*

  2. awwwiieee… aadya called you mumma for the first time na??? woww… n u have described the feeling so amazingly.. you make a great mother neetu di… *puchhi* to u and aadya..

  3. i want it i want it i want it!!!!!!!!!! *drool* *drool* *drool* *drool* *drool*

    is it available in India? any indian ws where I can order it online?
    thanks for great review *puchhi*

  4. tea tree is my favourite range *hihi* .. I use all the products from this range .. and the tea tree skin clearing facial wash is my staple *drool* I cannot wait to try this out *thankyou*

    1. well said dear.. TBS tea tree is my hg skin care brand now.. *shy* if u have dry combi skin u’ll surely love it!!

  5. sounds like a lovely product will search for it in TBS stores here… 🙂
    And Aadya started speaking… *happydance* congratulations to you for that Neetu *puchhi*

    1. aww.. *puchhi* *thankyou* dear.. you knw wt it is a decent pdt does its job well still i feel something is missing in this face wash may be lather.. *headbang*

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