The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisturising Cream Review

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream

Hello Everyone at IMBB, this is my first post and I am going to review TBS Vitamin E Moisture Cream.

A little while back maybe around the beginning of Winter 2010, I had been going through a rough path for my skin. My skin looked dull and lifeless. I started to search for the right products, the right diet and right what not. I have been a fan of Body Shop for while so I decided to give a try to the Body Shop Vit E range. Vitamin E is supposed be great for the skin and a lot of Skin Care lines boast of having it in them.

the body shop vitamin e moisture cream

Skin Type : Normal, little oiliness in the T-Zone in the Summers.

Price : Rs.695 ( but currently they are having a members-only discount on their skin-care lines, just got to know today!)

Ingredients (from the website) :

Vitamin E – Is a naturally powerful and one of the best antioxidants that help protect the skin against damaging environmental elements, such as the sun, pollution and cigarette smoke. Helps neutralise free radicals, which are destructive molecules that attack cell

Sorbitol – Helps the skin to retain moisture.

Lanolin – Is one of nature’s richest moisturisers. Is readily absorbed and so provides good protection for the skin.

the body shop vitamin e moisture cream

the body shop vitamin e moisture cream

I have been using this moisture cream all winters even uptill now until I start getting oily and it has been a part of my CTM routine all from the same line, which I will be reviewing soon. And let me say I am very impressed with the results. Well, it also can be because of the radical change that I brought about in my lifestyle like exercising regularly, drinking plenty of water and following a CTM routine. And to be telling the truth, I have never been a religious follower of the CTM routine but as I have started it I can tell the difference; my skin has become soft, supple and radiant. I owe it to all the above. But, never the less I am not going to steal credit for what this amazing product has done for me!

The consistency of the creamy is thick but it gets absorbed in the skin easily. Skin feels moisturised for the next 6-8 hours atleast and I am talking of winters.

the body shop vitamin e moisture cream

A little amount is enough for the entire face and neck area.

Pros of The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisturising Cream

1. Intensive Moisturising Cream does a great job for all Skin types in winters and Normal to Dry in the summers. Not too sure about oily skin for summers!
2. Gets absorbed in the skin pretty well, one doesn’t have to rub too hard. Rubbing in the moisturiser hard can lead to premature wrinkles!
3. Pleasant smell that fades away after a while. But, since I am real fan of the fruity smells from body shop I expect a little more but that’s my personal opinion, many people seem to love the smell of this product!

Cons of The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisturising Cream

1. First and foremost the packaging, it is a tub. I am planning on using this as my winter moisturiser as I think It can be a little heavy for the summers. But because of the packaging I can’t store it over the summer even in the fridge! I will use it for as long as I don’t feel greasy but after that maybe use it as a foot cream or something!
2. Not suitable for Normal to oily skin in summers. Can be okay for Dry Skin!
3. Too pricey, I mean just 50ml for Rs.695. Even though I love TBS, their pricing makes me want to switch over to the cheaper lines!
4. Contains Parabens, but to be honest I can blame them. Majority of the skin care products have them.

I will soon be doing review for the Vitamin E Cleanser and Toner I used along with this as well!

Would I recommend it ?
Yes I would recommend it to people with Normal to Dry Skin

Would I repurchase?
Yes, but only as a winter moisturiser because my skin get oily in the T-Zone during Summers!

Stars  :-* :-* :-* :-*

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11 thoughts on “The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisturising Cream Review

  1. I have one Vitamin E cream with same composition except the parabens with me.My dad brought it from austrailia, looks exactly like yours, its heavenly !!! :))

  2. I have used the night cream from this range and I hated it! It was way too thick adn gave me zits which would vanish after I stop using this one. And I had the prob even in winters 🙁

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