The Body Shop Wild Argan Radiant Oil – Is Your Oil Radiant Enough?

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil – The Radiant Oil

Hi Beauties,

The Body shop has recently introduced their Argan Oil Body care range…however, these were introduced much earlier in the Western countries than India (rolls eyes!!!). I was much more interested in the Radiant oil; rather than anything else. I bought this around two weeks back, and have been using this on my skin as well as on my hair. I have used Argan oil previously, but that was pure, unadulterated Argan oil, and extremely difficult to procure in India. Hence my interest in this brand’s Argan oil. Did I like it? Will tell you soon.


About the product:

Glow with the rich radiance of Community Fair Trade Wild Argan oil from Morocco for body and hair.Luxurious rich, dry oil.Satin-touch radiance.For body and hair. Enriched with Community Fair Trade Wild Argan Oil

Wild Argan Oil:

Our precious argan nuts are sourced from the remote Atlas Mountains of Morocco. They are hand-picked, hand-cracked and slowly pressed for the purest, most radiant Community Fair Trade argan oil. Our trade with the six Targanine co-operatives provides women with a fair and regular income, helping them raise their living standards and increase their independence.

How to use:

Body: Spray onto dry skin to leave it glowing with satin touch radiance.

Hair: Spray onto dry hair, avoiding the roots, and gently pat for a healthy-looking shiny finish. Spray onto damp hair and gently pat, locking in moisture and adding radiance.

argan oil the body shop ingredients


Rs. 1795/- for 125ml oil.

My Experience with The Body Shop Wild Argan Radiant Oil:

First of all, let me tell you regarding my experience with pure Argan Oil. Many people may know, that Argan oil comes from the kernels of Argan trees (which are prickly trees); mainly cultivated in Morocco. It takes around 50-60 years after plantation; for the tree to bear the Argan fruit. These Argan fruits are then consumed by the desert goats; and through their stomach, the Argan fruit is digested; and what comes out from their po** is the Argan Nut. People of Morocco have been using Argan oil; extracted by hand processing of the Argan nuts, inside which are the kernels. They use it for edible purpose; as well as for body care use. Recently, there has been a rapid demand for Argan oil all over the world. Argan oil is extremely rich in Vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids. Its application; and consumption supposedly lowers your cholesterol levels, keeps your heart healthy; keeps your skin and hair healthy; repairs wounds and heals eczema and scar marks (yes; including stretch marks). Due to this increased demand; the Government of Morocco has made female co-operatives; who are involved in the hand picking, processing (either hand or machine pressed- the cracking of nuts to remove the kernels is a tedious process, and still done manually) and selling of this oil. The oil, as such is extremely costly, especially if you want to get the pure, unadulterated variant. As such, it is very difficult to really get the pure oil in your hands.

The Body Shop, has recently launched their Argan oil range of Bodycare products in India. Among these include Body scrub, Body butter, Lip Balm, Shower Gel, Radiant Oil, and the Spa Scrub. This range also includes a loofah; and since I was rather more interested in the oil; I bought the Radiant oil and the Loofah to get a 20% discount.

The Pure Argan oil is actually thick, brown in color, has a nutty  smell and comes packaged in cobalt colored glass bottles (since the oil is light-sensitive). The first thing I noticed about the Radiant oil is that, it comes packaged in clear glass bottles. That itself ought to tell you that this is not the pure, unadulterated Argan oil. Also, the list of ingredients speaks for itself. Look at it to see that Argan oil is the third ingredient in the list; and is somewhat lost in the long list of ingredeints.


The Radiant oil comes in a clear, glass bottle; with a spritzer attached at the top. Hence you have to spritz this oil on your hair or skin for application. I quite like this packaging, as it ensures less wastage of the oil. But beware of oily hands and glass bottle combination.

The Radiant Oil is very light in texture, slight yellowish to brownish in color; and has a sweet smell; which frankly, I am not very fond of. It reminds me, that this oil is not pure. However, this is a dry oil, and on rubbing it on your skin, it gets soaked up within 3-4 minutes into your skin, without leaving any greasy feel. It is not even going to stain your clothes at all.

I have applied it as one spritz per arm or leg, and believe me, one spritz is enough. Unless you have extremely dry skin; or are using this oil for a good body massage before taking your bath, you do not need more of the oil. Just remember that this is an oil, and excess use is just going to increase the greasiness. I have used it as a head massage before shampooing; and also post shampooing on my wet tresses; as well as on my dry hair. One to two spritz are enough if you are only applying it on your tresses, for a radiant look, without making the hair greasy.

Now, for the effects. It does moisturise my skin well, in this winter, and the fragrance does not last very long. I usually apply it at night, and my morning time skin feels very soft and smooth and supple. As far as my hair is concerned, I prefer applying it post shampooing on my towel dried hair. On drying, my hair feels very soft and smooth, and detangles my hair as well. My hair does not appear or feel greasy at all, unless of course, I use more of the product. You will definitely need to adopt the policy of less is more, and carry on from there. I am loving this product; not as a pure Argan oil, but rather as a nice oil for skin and hair.


Pros of The Body Shop Wild Argan Radiant Oil:

• Light-textured, dry oil.
• Suitable for all skin types.
• Has some impressive oils in its list of ingredients.
• Smell is not the burnt leather kind, rather a sweet smell.
• Comes with a spritzer, for easy use and travel-friendly.
• Can be applied on skin and hair.
• It moisturises the skin well.
• It gives a nice, radiant and glossy look to the hair.
• Very small amount is needed.
• Does not feel or appear very greasy.
• Does not stain clothes.
• Widely available.



Cons of The Body Shop Wild Argan Radiant Oil:

• Comes in a clear, glass bottle (might break, and may also oxidise the oil).
• This is not pure Argan oil.
• Expensive.
• Not a big fan of the smell.

IMBB Rating: 4.3/5

Will I recommend The Body Shop Wild Argan Radiant Oil?

Yes, but purely as a oil. This is not pure Argan oil, in fact, Argan oil is not even the first oil in its list of ingredients. It’s a nice product to use on your skin and tresses, and very little amount is needed. As for me, I think this will last me the entire winter; and I might not repurchase it during the summer time. And if you can lay your hands on pure Argan oil, well; nothing like it.

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11 thoughts on “The Body Shop Wild Argan Radiant Oil – Is Your Oil Radiant Enough?

  1. Arps….I didn’t know that argan nut comes from the p*** of goats, he he, that’s interesting 🙂 The best thing about your reviews are they are so detailed, awesome review Arps 🙂

  2. Lol… Yeah… Thats the traditional way jomoliii… Do u want to consume that oil now???? Btw… The extraction of nuts from fruit is now a days done by machines…. U can imagine the reason why….hai naa … About the detailed review…u know… I sometimes wonder about it. Should i write such detailed reviews… Or should i just stick to the points And make it nice and precise…. ???

  3. You should write detailed ones and be the way you are doc :* aww why they let goats consume it…:( i am happy to hear about machine extraction method now, huh! relieved. but for the product, when this isn’t a pure argan oil, why spending so much? although i like the fact it absorbs and leaves skin non greasy but still…

    1. Thnx sumi…. Ur encouragement really makes my day…. Btw…. Machine extraction actually decreases the quality of oil; so the traditional method is better…. But still… Goat po**……. Aaagghhhh!!!!!

  4. Seriously arpita such a nice and detailed review u hve given.. Loved reading it till the end..unadulterated things are usually difficult to find in india.. :-P.. N e way this is just a oil from tbs.. Reading the benefits of completely pure argan oil, i have a feeling i hvta get that from somewhr.. Waise i kinda liked the fragrance of tbs argan oil products…

    1. ThAnk u Megha… I know dear… Infact since argan oil became so famous; its actually quite difficult to get it in pure form… Even in Morocco; there r people selling the not so pure version at very high rates; so u have to get it from someone u trust fully….Having smelt the pure argan oil…. The rubber band like smell…. It was actually difficult to get used to this fragrance

  5. Nice discription ? but why not to put this oil in roots? What about overnight oilin with this one?
    I like tbs products.. N to get a trustworthy argan oil i cn get nowhr purer then tbs i guess.. But sad that isnt a pure one..?

  6. Thank you for the very informative article on Body Shop’s Argan Oil product line. I have used this brand of lip Balm and shower gel for 2 years and quite like it. My mom has expressed interest in using Argan Oil for age spots on her face and hands. I thought of Body Shop’s Argan Oil Radiant Spray but considering how diluted the Argan Oil actually is I’m thinking for best results that a purer Argan Oil would be preferable. Any brand recommendations? Thanks! 😊

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