The Essential Dos and Don’ts of Skin Bleaching

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How is everything going? Hope everything is joyful at your end. Today, I would be talking about the dos and don’t of skin bleaching. Generally, every one of us loves to bleach our skin (basically our face) as it helps to make the unwanted hair appear less visible. It also fades the dark spots. So if you also bleach your skin often or are planning to get started with it, make sure you’re aware of these dos and dont’s.


Make sure your skin is clean


You should always cleanse your face before bleaching because it makes sure that the pores are open and there is no dust trapped inside. If there is any oil present on the face, you should make sure that the oil is removed by using a face wipe. Hence, it is always good to wash your face and then apply the bleach.

Secure your hair before applying bleach

You should make sure that your hair is fully secured with a rubber band. You should also keep the flyaways away from your face and secure them with small pins. Those who aren’t careful about their hair often end up bleaching a part of it. And, it looks so awkward!

Follow the instructions completely

You should always follow the instructions that are mentioned on the packaging. Never ever try to combine elements according to your preference because you never know how the ingredients used to make the bleach will work. Too much of the bleach or too less of it can pose serious skin issues.

Always take a patch test

You should always test the prepared bleach on a small area of your skin to see how the bleach reacts. You should apply the bleach on a small patch of your skin like behind the ears or on the hands. Burning or redness on the skin is an indication that the bleach might react with the skin later. Opt for a bleach that’s meant for your skin type.

Use a pre-bleach cream


If your skin is sensitive make sure you use a pre-bleach cream which helps to protect your skin from damage. Bleach from high-end brands come with a bleaching cream or serum which should be used before bleaching the face.

Apply bleach at night

You should apply bleach during the night time so that you can apply some serum or night cream before you go to bed. Applying a serum on the face can work wonders on freshly-bleached skin and helps to restore the natural glow.

Do not use a metal bowl


Avoid using a metal bowl because your bleach might end up reacting with the metal. This could seriously affect your skin. Always opt for a plastic or glass bowl to be on the safe side.

Don’t go out in the sun

After you bleach your face, you should avoid going out in the sun as heat reacts with the bleach on a larger scale. So, always make sure you stay indoor and don’t step out in the sun immediately after bleaching your skin.

Don’t apply bleach on open wounds


You should avoid applying bleach on open wounds or broken skin. Wounded skin is generally vulnerable to reactions, and when it comes in contact with the bleach, it may get badly damaged.

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