The Exact Dupes of Kylie Lip Kits in India


Hi Everyone, 🙂
I was going through my makeup stash today and I was almost spellbound at seeing the exact same dupes of some of the colors from Kylie Lip Kits. I have 3 colors from Chambor’s Extremewear Transferproof Liquid Lipstick range and two of them turned out to be the exact dupes. I had to share it with you all. So really if you don’t have Kylie Lip Kits, you can totally buy these. You’d be surprised to see how exact the swatches are. 😀

The price of Kylie Lip Kits is USD 29 + shipping . It contains a lip pencil and a liquid lipstick combo.
The price of Chambor lipstick is Rs 845. I have linked the detailed reviews of other colors from the range below in ‘Also Read’ . Check them out. These are really good lipsticks as well. 🙂 The Chambor lipsticks are a slightly thick in texture but they smell exactly the same.
The dupe of Mary Jo K from Kylie Lipkit is Chambor 433.


And the exact Dupe of Kylie Lip Kit is PosieK is Chambor Liquid Lipstick in no 402


l-r Kylie lip kit posie K, chambor liquid lipstick 402, Chambor Lipstick in 433, Kylie Lip Kit Mary Jo K. kylie-lip-kit-dupes-india-swatches

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13 thoughts on “The Exact Dupes of Kylie Lip Kits in India

  1. the swatch is so accurate!! happy to see this 🙂 I never got a chance to buy posie..Only got Mary Jo… Would love to see dupes for other kylie shades too

  2. Haaawwwww that was such a coincidence man 🙂 Look at them, no one would be able to differentiate them at all… so happy we have these dupes which are so easily accessible.. 🙂 I also got 4 of these .. they are super stunning 🙂

    1. Heyyyy, found 1 dupe in my stash too… Kylie Jenner lip kit 22 from the 4 you got is very similar to chambor #462 .. beautiful rusty orange 🙂

  3. You know what… I love youuuu Rati…. I have been trying my luck on the kyliecosmetic site. U r an angel… :* I am gonna buy posi K dupe. “reebok nahi to rebook hi sahi” 😉 Thank uuu 🙂

  4. OMG…..These seem to be exact dupes.I was thinking of buying Kylie Lip Kit but these Chambor Liquid Lipsticks are so close dupes.Thanks for this post.I will be picking up the Chambor ones Rati.Thanks.

  5. Oh boy!! looks like you swatched the same shade twice!! Such an exact dupe. I am sure going to get a few of these Chambor liquid lipstick when I visit India!! Thanks a ton for sharing 🙂

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