The Face Shop Bright Eyes Modeling Gel Patch Review

By Hima Banu

Skin tone: medium to dusky
Skin type: combination

Hello all,

Eyes are the windows to one’s soul. So, who wouldn’t want bright and bold eyes. The Face Shop offers some eye patches, more like eye masks, called Bright Eyes Modeling Gel Patch. These patches are mainly used to remove puffiness from the under eye area and to make eyes look more awake. Let’s see how these patches fared for me.

Price: AUD 7.90 for 4g x 2pcs
Product Description:
• A double functional (wrinkle reducing, brightening)eye patch for concentrated care for eyes
• Support material consisting of cellulose
• Good adherence, luxurious texture
• Double function – wrinkle reducing, brightening (niacinamide, adenosine)
• Easy to use, concentrated care for eyes
How to Use:
1. Using fingers from both hands, gently press bones under the eyes.
2. Using fingers from both hands, gently massage in & outward in a circular motion. (Repeat 10 times)
3. After the face yoga, peel off the film and stick the patch well under and around the eyes.
4. Take off the patch after 20~40 minutes and tap skin lightly to get it absorbed.

My Experience with The Face Shop Bright Eyes Modeling Gel Patch:

I mainly got this eyepatch for my husband. He has some serious under eye issues because of working long hours on the computer. I wanted some immediate relief for him. So when I spotted these in The Face Shop outlet, I quickly grabbed two of these – for my husband and myself. One pack of the Bright Eyes Modelling Gel Patch packet contains two gel patches, one for each eye. These patches come in a simple, pale green and grey packaging.

After reading the instructions, I was really taken aback knowing that I needed to perform face yoga first. I am really lazy and the main reason to get such mask was to have a quick fix for our issues. But, after giving it a thought, I decide to perform yoga as mentioned to increase the effectiveness of the patches. The patches are soaked in some kind of gel or liquid. You may think the patches are white from the packaging, but actually these are like transparent films. They have the texture of a jelly, hence are quite slippery.

After performing yoga, I put on the patches for around 20 minutes. These patches are so refreshing. I instantly felt relaxed and even my under eye area felt reinvigorated. However, I didn’t really find any noticeable change after removing the patches. I don’t have any puffiness to actually judge these patches. My under eye area felt quite hydrated and moisturised. I did try these on my husband as he has seriously puffy eyes. These patches made his eyes look less tired and quite refreshed.  

Thus, I think these patches work only to an extent. You can include these into your eye care or skin care regimen but nothing can beat a good night’s sleep, proper intervals while working, eye exercises, healthy lifestyle and a good eye cream.

Pros of The Face Shop Bright Eyes Modeling Gel Patch:

• Makes the undereye area look and feel refreshed
• Good packaging
• Makes the eyes less tired
• Removes puffiness to an extent

Cons of The Face Shop Bright Eyes Modeling Gel Patch:

• Pricey
• Does not gives drastic results

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend The Face Shop Bright Eyes Modeling Gel Patch?
Yes to both. I will definitely buy these patches for my hubby. Do give these a try if you have a tired-looking undereye area.

Bye friends! Stay positive!

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