The Face Shop Collagen Essential Mask Sheet Review

I hope you all are doing great! I did a huge haul from The Face Shop about a month ago. I picked this up for my Mom, so the following review expresses her views. Enjoy 😀

The Face Shop Collagen Essential Mask Sheet

Product Description:

A mask sheet that has a concentrated collagen keeps the skin elastic and moist.

How To Apply:

1. Get skin even by toner.
2. Place the mask sheet evenly.
3. Take off the sheet after 15-20 minutes.

Price and Quantity: $6 for 1 sheet.

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Main Ingredients:

The Face Shop Collagen Essential Mask Sheet

My Experience with The Face Shop Collagen Essential Mask Sheet:

It consists of a single, white, cotton mask sheet, saturated with slightly liquid-like substance. Once on the face, it is absolutely cooling and relaxing. This is a feature of all of The Face Shop Mask sheets.  The smell is a little like alcohol, but has some floral essence.  It is saturated quite well, and hence it can get a little drippy.  My mom had it on for about 30 minutes before she took it off.

The Face Shop Collagen Essential Mask Sheet

Once off, she took the remaining amount of liquid in the sachet and massaged it onto the face. Her skin looked fabulous! It looked moisturized, glowing, healthy and dewy! It is a perfect mask for those moments when one wants a little pick me up feel! The immediate results are great, but to maintain that effect, it needs to be applied regularly.

The liquid can be slightly sticky, but nothing that will bother too much. The downside is the fit of the mask. I mean, this is a generic complaint, since there are parts of the mask which always touches the hair. Also, my mom has sensitive skin, so it did make her skin a little red on the cheeks, which did disappear after sometime. The firming effect lasts for a very long time and she highly recommends this inexpensive beauty treat! Give it a try.

Pros of The Face Shop Collagen Essential Mask Sheet:

  • Makes the skin look smooth, firm and moisturized.
  • Imparts a dewy glow.
  • Very cooling and relaxing.
  • Inexpensive compared to a facial treatment.
  • Easy to use.

Cons of The Face Shop Collagen Essential Mask Sheet:

  • Can be irritating for sensitive skin beauties (contains alcohol).
  • The fit of the mask.
  • Slightly drippy.
  • Contains parabens.
  • Some may not like the smell.
  • Regular use is necessary.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

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Would I Recommend The Face Shop Collagen Essential Mask Sheet?

Despite the list of cons, my mom would actually like to purchase it again. She loved it for their immediate results. I really hope they arrive soon in India.

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