The Face Shop Lovely Me:EX Milky Tint Review

The Face Shop Lovely Me:EX Milky Tint

Hi everyone,

Korean lip tints are undeniably one of the most popular beauty items, nationally and internationally. It’s an essential, just like BB or CC cream today I am reviewing THE FACE SHOP lip tint named THE MILKY TINT. It has a very cute orange colour packaging and when I saw it for the first time I fell in love with it instantly P.S it looks like a big capsule .Everything written on the pack is in Korean!


  • Color: – it is bubbly orange shade.
  • Fragrance: smells like oranges..
  • Texture: – it has milky texture which glides on lips.
  • Finish: – it gives your lips a very colorful orange look!! With a glossy finish
  • The wand:– it is little bit tilted that makes the application easy so the color glides on well.


Pigmentation and Coverage – It is a well pigmented lip tint but does not give opaque coverage. It is a buildable color. The full impact of the color is achieved only when 2-3 coats are applied. So for highly pigmented lips the color will not completely cover the pigmentation.

Staying power – It has a pretty good staying power. It stays for around 4-5 hours. Even after a meal the color remains, with slight fading. It does not transfer a lot even though it has a creamy texture and it does not weigh your lips and sometimes gives a brownish tint on your lips.

My Take on The Face Shop Lovely Me:EX Milky Tint

The consistency of this tint its not like the usual watery tints that only puts color on your lips and dries out. This one leaves a moisture film which saves the lips from being dry. This moisture film provides a decent amount of gloss too. So yeah, it’s a tint and gloss in one.On my lips it gives a brownish hint..maybe because of pigmentation!! . all in all this colour shade works well on me!! And I can wear it with almost all of my dresses and of course it gives a funky look too..that’s a cherry on the cake!!. It’s a 4/5 for me!


Now aside from that, everything’s quite a win for me. It’s not too expensive, all lip tints available in India are of the same price , I guess? So it’s a pretty good steal especially if you’re someone in love with coral shades, then this one is a must have for you!



Packaging: – it has very cute packaging

Price the original price is Rs. 720(approx) for 40ml but I got it a discount of 20%.

Pros of The Face Shop Lovely Me:EX Milky Tint

The packaging
The colour orange
The milky texture
The wand

Cons of The Face Shop Lovely Me:EX Milky Tint

The ingredients are not mentioned
The availability issue
Sometimes gives a brownish hint.

Do I recommend and would I repurcahse The Face Shop Lovely Me:EX Milky Tint?

Yes I would buy it again and recommend it too.

IMBB rating 4/5

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