The Face Shop Real Nature Green Tea Face Mask Review

Skin type: Dry skin.

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Facemask sheets are so much in trend these days and I’ve been reading so much about it since last few months. The famous Korean brand ‘The Face Shop’ has launched their products recently in India and having read all the positive reviews about them I’ve ordered a few products for myself. Today’s review is about green tea face mask so let’s get to know about the mask in detail.


Price: INR 100 per mask sheet.
Product Description:
The mask sheet drenched in a clear serum with Green Tea soothes skin irritated by environmental stressors, refreshing and revitalising it.
The formula is without added parabens.




My Experience With The Face Shop Real Nature Green Tea Face Mask:

I was so excited to try this mask as this was my first sheet mask and I didn’t know how a face mask would look and feel like. Both Korean and English language instructions are provided behind the sheet and I was glad they provided the instruction in the English language, otherwise, I wouldn’t know how exactly I should use this mask.

The face shop has a wide variety of mask sheets to choose from. Having known the benefits of green tea, I went to order this one first.This mask comes in a plastic sheet with the name and picture of the ingredient in front and other details and instructions on the back of the sheet. When I tried to open the sheet, it smelled so beautiful and I was like” wow! What a lovely smell it is”. The mask was all wet and the essence/ formulation in the mask was plenty that it started dripping when I held the mask with the help of my fingers. Without wasting any time, I applied it onto my skin, otherwise, if kept open out for a long time the essence would dry.


The experience after applying the mask was too good. The mask was cool and I felt relaxed until I kept the mask on. The fit of the mask was quite good and not perfect according to my face size, but, it’s not bad either. But, I had to adjust the fit near my nose very often and kept removing the bubble/air that got trapped inside. I kept massaging the mask and had to remove the bubbles often during this process. I can say the quality of the mask sheet is okay and needs to be handled with care. As the mask gets dried there are chances that it may get torn during the massage process as my mask got torn a little on the edges. But, that didn’t bother me much as I could adjust the mask since it was bigger in size.


The after effects of using the mask were instant and good but, somehow didn’t impress me much. My skin felt super hydrated and tightened. As per the claims of this pack, it was a refreshing experience and my skin did feel revitalised. My skin looked quite clear and felt smooth. Even though my skin felt revitalised, hydrated and smooth this pack doesn’t work for evening or brightening the skin tone; Nor does this give you any glow. Your skin does feel good after getting treated with this pack and the green tea essence in it does exactly what it is meant to do but, this may not be perfect if you are expecting a huge difference in the look of your face.

Overall, I did like the pack and I am happy with its effects that lasted three days. Having tried a face sheet mask for the first time, I liked its concept of how the essence gets absorbed into the skin with a gentle massage on face. Also, it felt very light and the whole process was so hygienic and easy. I am really looking forward to trying other variants from this mask range and the best thing about this face mask is that it’s affordable and worth the price.

Pros of The Face Shop Real Nature Green Tea Face Mask:

  • Hygienic Packaging.
  • Hydrates skin.
  • Refreshes and revitalises skin.
  • Gives a cooling effect to the skin.
  • Skin feels smooth.
  • Cleans and clears the skin.
  • Tightens and uplifts skin.
  • Instant effects.
  • Smells lovely.
  • Easy to apply and pull out the mask.
  • Affordable price.
  • Plenty of essence in the mask.
  • Formula without paraben.

Cons of The Face Shop Real Nature Green Tea Face Mask:

  • Doesn’t even out the skin tone.
  • Though the effects of this mask are good can’t make out any huge difference in the skin.
  • The fit of the mask is not perfect but, since the mask is big in size it is adjustable.
  • Often need to remove the bubble/air that gets trapped under the sheet.
  • Contains alcohol.
  • Effects last only for three days and not more.
  • If not handled with care, it may get torn.

IMBB Rating: 3.8/5
Will I Repurchase/ Recommend The Face Shop Real Nature Green Tea Face Mask?
No, I wouldn’t repurchase this mask again but, would love to try the other masks from this range. I recommend this mask for those who are looking for the pros I’ve mentioned above.

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