The Face Shop Smile Foot Peeling Review

Taking a tiny break from all the face mask sheet reviews, here is a review on the foot peeling product offered by The Face Shop. Pretty interesting stuff here, check it out 🙂

The Face Shop Smile Foot Peeling

Product Claims:

A foot special peeling product that smoothly removes dead cells and make feet soft. Natural substance from plant turns rough feet soft and phytoncide extract gives energy to your feet.

Price and Quantity:

$10 for one set (20ml X 2 EA)

Main Ingredients:

The Face Shop Smile Foot Peeling

My Experience with The Face Shop Smile Foot Peeling:

The box consists of two plastic sheets shaped like a sock, with a thin cotton sheet lining inside it. It also consists of two foot-shaped sachets with liquid inside, that has been divided equally for each foot. I wore the plastic socks and poured the liquid inside each one.

The Face Shop Smile Foot Peeling

The plastic socks also has two loose ends, which can be tied up. I let it remain for about 1 ½ hour before washing my feet. During the entire time of wear, I experienced a cool feeling, with no burning sensation. It, however, does have a chemical smell, which is bothering initially, but disappears after a while. The plastic socks are leak proof and I could definitely walk a little, but I preferred resting and letting the magic happen :P.

The Face Shop Smile Foot Peeling

I washed my feet thoroughly after the allotted time and waited to see if my skin started peeling. The wait turned from minutes to hours to days really. I couldn’t help but think that there goes a product that made some tall claims. I even thought about going back to the store to let the SA know what an “awesome” product she led me into buying. But!! On the 5th day after trying this out, I saw some major action going on my feet. The top layer of the skin started peeling, and gradually in the next few days, the peeling was in full swing mode.

The Face Shop Smile Foot Peeling

The Face Shop Smile Foot Peeling

This process wasn’t painful at all, but the experience left me feeling disgusted and elated at the same time. Disgusted because I could see my dead skin all over the house, but elated because the product eventually gave me feet that felt splendid. The roughness on my soles disappeared, while revealing amazingly soft and beautiful feet. I’m highly impressed with this product. If you have developed some cracks or roughness on your soles, then I highly recommend you to try this product out. Patience is definitely the key here, but you will be rewarded with great results at the end.

The Face Shop Smile Foot Peeling

Pros of The Face Shop Smile Foot Peeling:

  • This lives up to the claims.
  • Gives soft baby smooth skin.
  • Impressive ingredients.
  • Inexpensive foot spa like treatment at home.

Cons of The Face Shop Smile Foot Peeling:

  • It takes at least 4-5 days to see the skin start peeling.
  • The peeling period lasts for around 3 days, which is messy and unpleasant.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase/Recommend The Face Shop Smile Foot Peeling?

Yes absolutely! I’m thinking of doing this once every couple of months now. Absolutely loved the results 🙂

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10 thoughts on “The Face Shop Smile Foot Peeling Review

  1. I have tried foot masks before mainly from Japanese and Korean brand,s but didn’t see any results!! Have to try this one now!! Sounds amazing..thanks for your review!!

    1. Foot masks are actually different from this one. The is a skin peeling product, which helps to get rid of old skin and reveal new skin. Foot masks are mainly for hydrating the skin. But do check this out Prerna, you’ll like it hopefully 😀

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