The Face Shop The Solution Firming Face Mask Review

Hi beauties,

Today’s review is going to be about The Face Shop The Solution Firming Face Mask. This mask is specially meant for sagging skin, so I had picked it up for my mom. Let’s get into the details.


Price: Rs. 150/- for 1 sheet
Product Description:
This face mask features a light-as-air sheet that feels soft and weightless on skin. The serum containing Collagen provides a resilience solution to saggy skin.
(Wrinkle care / Formulated without added parabens)


My Experience with The Face Shop The Solution Firming Face Mask:

It comes in a white pouch with a blue test tube printed over it. The pouch is hygienic and easy to carry around. All the details are nicely printed on the packaging but most of them are in Korean language, so I can’t read them all. This sheet mask can be used just one time. The mask was nicely folded inside the packaging. This firming mask has a pleasant scent.


This range has a silvery glossy plastic film inside the packaging. This film is of the same size as the sheet mask. It has been described as ‘Air Sheet’ by the brand and yes it is a very lightweight and semi-transparent white mask. It is also very thin – only 0.21 mm – and that’s why it feels super light on the skin. The texture of this sheet mask was very soft and smooth for the, hence it never irritated my skin.


This sheet mask was fully dipped in a plain white moisturizing slippery gel that glided smoothly and felt very light on the skin. I think the quantity was enough to cover up my whole face and still the gel was left inside the pouch. The shape of this mask was nice enough for oval shape but it had to be adjusted on my mom’s round face. Still, the gel helped the mask remain in place. She could move and walk easily with the mask on. This mask felt very light on the face and didn’t feel like an extra layer. Also, it was easy to remove. This formula is good enough for all skin types.


She kept this mask on for around 25 minutes and then I massaged the remaining gel for around 5 minutes before rinsing off. This sheet mask provided a fresh, soothing effect to her skin. All the moisture from the mask got absorbed by her skin quickly. After I removed the mask, the dry skin looked soft and smooth. I could totally see some tightness and a fresher texture. This formula made her skin soft and hydrated by reducing all signs of dryness.


This mask is mainly meant for sagging skin and it worked quite well. It made my mom’s skin look fresh, smooth, tight and youthful. It definitely could not firm her skin fully but it worked quite well. It also made her wrinkles less visible but it cannot work on deep set wrinkles. It also added a nice glow to her skin.


But these effects were not long lasting. The firm look and glow stayed only for a day or two and then there was a need for reapplication. It claims to be paraben free but it does have alcohol which is not good for the skin. Overall, this is a good mask for mature skin and it does its job quite well. It will suit all skin types well and is a great one for travels.


Pros of The Face Shop The Solution Firming Face Mask:

⦁ Nice, hygienic packaging.
⦁ Fresh, pleasant scent.
⦁ Folded with a film.
⦁ Feels super light on the skin.
⦁ Contains the perfect amount of moisturising gel.
⦁ Feels very fresh and soothing.
⦁ Provides a decent amount of hydration.
⦁ Makes skin smooth, supple and soft.
⦁ Nicely firms up the skin.
⦁ Slightly reduces fine lines and makes skin tighter.
⦁ Provides a healthy glow.

Cons of The Face Shop The Solution Firming Face Mask:

⦁ Contains alcohols.
⦁ Effects last only 1-2 days.
⦁ Multiple applications required for best results.
⦁ Can’t firm very mature skin.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend The Face Shop The Solution Firming Face Mask?
Yes to both.

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