The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Black Head Clay Nose Pack Review

By Samrita N.

Ola Bonita Chica’s!

Volcanic Clay has some amazing properties for our skin and The Face Shop has harnessed one of the best clay muds in the world in the nose pack that I shall be reviewing for you today. New Zealand should be on everyone’s bucket list and having experienced a mud spa there believe you me, you need it once in your life. Rotorua in New Zealand is known for the restorative properties of its mud and although the front of this tube has all these wonderful things about Rotorua mud written on it, I see nothing of the sort in the ingredients. Just simple Kaolin! This however has proved to be a stellar product, read on to know why!
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The Face Shop is a popular Korean beauty and cosmetics store that’s all about natural ingredients and this black head clay nose pack has been quite a best seller in store. This product comes in a matte plastic topsy turvy tube with a flip top lid. As with all of The Face Shop products the print and packaging is quite minimalistic. The ingredients are listed on the back along with the directions in Korean and English and the bonus is the expiry date printed on the crimp. The product is easy to squeeze out once you peel the silver foil seal. Not a lot of products packaged as such have a seal and without this even a fresh product could have been tested by someone in store, so plus points for this!
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Product claims:

Say good bye to your blackheads! A perfect cleansing line effective for removing blackheads and dead skin cells. Peel-off type blackhead nose pack that draws out blackheads completely.

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SGD 5.19 for 50 ml of product.

My experience with The Face Shop Black Head Clay Nose Pack:

Only 50 ml you say! I agree! I think they could give us a little more product for this price because the nose pack is quite gunky in consistency and you need to squeeze out quite a lot to cover a good layer on your nose. At this rate it’s not going to last me very many uses! I used it on my nose and like the flanks of my nose on the beginning of my cheeks, that is where most of my pores are, and on my cupids bow and that area that dips under your lower lip. The colour of the product is a very pale slate white and like I said the thickness of this is the same as a piece of gum you’ve been chewing for half an hour. It’s super thick! It doesn’t say whether you should use this before or after cleansing, so I went with before. It says to leave the nose pack, once applied, for 10-15 minutes or however long it takes to dry. I timed it and it took me a little over 20 minutes to dry. Again it doesn’t say if I should peel this in the direction of my tiny hair on my face or in the opposite direction (like when you wax), but I went with the direction you’d wax your hair in and I soon regretted my decision.
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This product hurts! &^%$@%! While peeling this all I could think about was how many spicy golgappas I wanted to feed the little Korean people that invented this gloop, as revenge. The pain is a solid 8/10 and felt like I was getting my moustache threaded after 3 long months or something. As I felt the tears roll on to my cheeks I decided to peel it off the other direction- not that it helped much! Because of this property this nose pack definitely got off my blackheads/whiteheads and even those tiny little hairs on the flares of my nostrils. I’m thinking the next time I want to check out how well this removes the hairs from my upper lip, but it’ll be a while before I muster up that kind of courage. I don’t doubt its ability to pull off my moustache hair in any way! So as for its ability to pull out things from my pores, it is a 10/10.
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Also due to the gunkyness of this product I know I will be cutting into the tube when the product feels like it has finished, I know I will be able to scoop out with a finger what I couldn’t squeeze out. The ingredients say this contains caramel, but I smell nothing of the sort. I’m also wary of the word ‘fragrance’ in an ingredient list because that can mean a hundred different things. This product however had no off putting smell to it. My skin felt itchy on my cheeks after using this, I’m not sure it’s suited to people with sensitive skin. I suggest getting a sample and trying it out first. The alcohol in this formulation does cause my skin to dry out once I’ve peeled this off. I’ve always used those nose strips you can buy at the pharmacy to take care of my blackheads and that too usually after a hot shower so my pores are as open as can be. This product won’t be a replacement to those in my beauty regime even though it works pretty amazing, and that’s due to its formulation containing parabens & alcohol and the fact that it irritated my cheeks a bit.

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Pros of The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Black Head Clay Nose Pack :

  • Removes blackheads, whiteheads and teeny facial hairs very well.
  • Doesn’t smell funny
  • Skin doesn’t feel stretched or tugged on as this dries

Cons on The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Black Head Clay Nose Pack:

  • Contains parabens & alcohol
  • Made my skin a little itchy, needed to be cooled down with ice.
  • Painful to peel off

Would I repurchase or recommend the The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Black Head Clay Nose Pack ?

I won’t repurchase this for the reasons mentioned above and I wouldn’t recommend it due to its ingredients. But if you want to check this out please get a sample to test out on your skin before you buy (especially if you have sensitive skin).

IMBB Rating:

2/5 due to the ingredients!

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  1. Hahaha! Oh dear, I didn’t want to scare you guys off- try a sample, you never know what you fancy in life 🙂 It works pretty well though!

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