Magical Anti-Cellulite Coffee Scrub – Do It Yourself

The Sheikh-land aka Dubai never stops inspiring yours truly. Besides great food and awesome place to go to, the fashion quotient about Dubai always impresses me great deal.  Yes, Dubai is full of beautiful ladies – who like to dress up, take good care of themselves, know the make-up tricks, are bold enough to experiment with colours and above all, LOVE looking good. I must admit that I was never the kind of girl who would care to put a sun-screen everyday or put a lot of effort in creating an outfit for myself or take interest in learning those eye-shadow application tricks, but what inspiration can do to one and yes, I now love mixing and matching things to create a look for an occasion, look for those home-made mask recipes, flip through magazines for exploring colour-combos and what not and very honestly, I now feel so good about myself. It is amazing how just being a little serious about taking care of yourself can transform your entire personality.

coffee for cellulite

And so one of these days, while surfing for home-made masks recipes, I came across a great one that can help reduce cellulite and keep it at bay. Yes, you heard me right, it helps to reduce cellulite, which is enemy numero uno and let’s just accept it. We all have it – your friend, your neighbour or even your favourite celebrity – 90% of women have it.

Now, what exactly is cellulite? Well, it has nothing to with weight as most people mistake it has. It is just the normal fat beneath the skin which pushes against the connected tissue to lead to bumpy skin. It can be caused by poor-diet, not drinking enough water or even lack of sleep.

But did you know that the main ingredient for anti-cellulite creams is caffeine? Well, now that you know this, let me share with you this easy-peasy scrub recipe that, if used minimum twice a week, is going to make you feel like a million bucks. Are you ready???

Here is the recipe:

Add a table spoonful of Extra Virgin Olive oil to about 2  tablespoon of coffee bean residue.  Mix it, and your magical coffee scrub is ready.

coffee scrub 2


Now scrub that cellulite away using this scrub in the bath. The olive oil binds the coffee bean residue together and conditions the skin whilst the caffeine stimulates the blood getting you rid of the cellulite, so you can instantly feel your skin tightening.

So ladies, do let me know if you try this awesome recipe and trust me you would be a happy face bidding adieu to cellulite.

Take good care of yourself! Love yourself!

Until we speak next, Salaam from the Sheikh-land! 🙂

About the Author:

Chandni blogs at Chandniatsheikhland. Find her on Facebook here and on Twitter here.

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