The Nature’s Co. Cocoa Body Scrub Review

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Today I will be sharing a review of The Nature’s Co. Cocoa Body Scrub. This is from its range “EARTH”, which says that “Of the earth and By the earth, this range is an embodiment of the earth and all the nurturing properties that are found in its soil, minerals and mud.” Read on to know more about The Nature’s Co. Cocoa Body Scrub.

The Nature's Co. Cocoa Body Scrub

Product Description:
Take on a new skin with our tempting Cocoa Body Scrub. Cocoa extract actively softens your skin by neutralizing the harmful free radicals with its potent anti-oxidant property. Also, enriched with Cocoa and Walnut grits that shed down dead cells, impurities and residues to give your skin a healthy glow.

In the shower or bath, slather it over your entire body. Rub into your skin, then rinse well. It is gentle and can be used 2-3 times a week. Your skin will stay healthy and look glowing with this ‘Cocoa’ body scrub from The Nature’s Co. Featuring antioxidants and exfoliation properties, this body scrub for women removes dead cells and neutralises the harmful free radicals.

The Nature's Co. Cocoa Body Scrub 2

Suitable For:
All skin types.

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Cocoa Extracts, Cocoa grits, Walnut grits, Coconut oil, wheatgerm oil, Almond oil and vitamin E

My Experience with The Nature’s Co. Cocoa Body Scrub:

The Nature's Co. Cocoa Body Scrub 4

This is another good product from The Nature’s Co. Trust me, I am falling in love with this brand. The pack that I got is a travel-sized pack and is very convenient to carry around.

It is a suspension of walnut shell granules and sweet almond oil in a super-creamy based formula. This scrub has some teeny weeny cocoa granules in it. Cocoa contains flavonoids, which acts as anti-oxidants. It also has anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties. Calcium, iron, zinc, copper, potassium and manganese.

Cocoa is also a good source of minerals like Magnesium, Sulphur. So cocoa based scrubs and other skincare products are good to go for. Even homemade cocoa scrubs are very effective.

The Nature's Co. Cocoa Body Scrub 5

Coming to the fragrance, it smells like chocolate, which is really very soothing. The scrub smells chocolaty but not too sweet like its body butter, but still something that one would enjoy in the shower.

Post shower, I apply it all over my body and give a good massage in circular motions and then rinse it off with plain warm water, leaving my skin super soft. The kernels are not too harsh on skin, but efficiently remove tan from the skin. So, you can use it easily two-three times a week without worrying too much about the skin.

The Nature's Co. Cocoa Body Scrub 3

It may feel a bit greasy while scrubbing it on your skin, but once washed-off the skin feels super awesome. It efficiently removes dead-skin from the body and after washing, it leaves the skin extra smooth, soft and supple.

In summer, I did not even feel the need of using a moisturizer afterwards. When you are bushed at work, just take a bath with this pacifying cocoa body scrub, it helps out a lot in de-stressing.

The Nature's Co. Cocoa Body Scrub 6

Overall, I am in love with this body scrub. Body scrubs helps in the removal of dirt and oil from the outer layer of your skin, and this one does a perfect job.

Pros of The Nature’s Co. Cocoa Body Scrub:

  • Extra Moisturizing, perfect for use even in summers.
  • Nice packaging.
  • Granules are not too harsh on skin.
  • Effectively removes dirt and unclogs pores.
  • Leaves skin smooth and supple.
  • Has the goodness of cocoa.
  • Value for money.

Cons of The Nature’s Co. Cocoa Body Scrub:

  • The texture may seem a bit synthetic
  • The complete list of ingredients is missing

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  1. I love The Nature’s Co. products especially their chocolate and cocoa variants. I would love to try this one.

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