The Nature’s Co Eucalyptus Bath Salt Review

The Nature’s Co Eucalyptus Bath Salt Review
Hello Lovely Ladies!!

It’s winter and come winter, we all really enjoy warm indulgences. A warm luxurious bath always helps us relax, unwind and loosen up those tense muscles. Naturally since a weekly trip to the spa is not at all pocket friendly…and quite a hassle too, we try to bring the spa home. 🙂 Home spas include: indulgent body scrubs, invigorating bath salts, indulgent bath oils, fragrant candles and luxurious fragrant moisturizers. Sigh! Is it not the quickest route to happiness?? Pampering yourself always works 😉 . Today I will review one such ‘spa at home product’ the Nature’s Co Eucalyptus bath salt.

Nature's Co Eucalyptus bath salt


INR 175 for 75gms

Product Claims:

Uplifting; relieves tension and stress; Relaxing effect on the nervous system. Soak in the stimulating and penetrating aroma of Eucalyptus in this pampering bath treat. It is uplifting, relieves tension and stress and has a relaxing effect on the nervous system. To refresh both body and mind, sprinkle a generous amount into running bath water or an indulgent soak.


Nature's Co Eucalyptus bath salt

My Experience with the The Nature’s Co Eucalyptus Bath Salt:

The product comes in a really impractical tube with a tight lid. Inadvertently, whenever you open it the product tends to get wasted, plus it’s really difficult to get the actual required amount out. You always end up using more.

The product itself is a pleasant eucalyptus smelling salt. The fragrance is not strong which are both a good and a bad point. The good point is that it’s mild for those who are sensitive to strong smells. Unfortunately this also means that a lot of product is required to get the desired effect. I feel that I am better off buying the eucalyptus essential oil and putting it in my bath. The product has been an absolute dud for me. I have tried to like it a lot, but between the packaging, the small quantity for the price and lack of product strength (?), leaves me with little good to think about this product.

Nature's Co Eucalyptus bath salt

Pros of The Nature’s Co Eucalyptus Bath Salt:

  • Sorry can’t think of any

Cons of Nature’s Co Eucalyptus Bath Salt:

  • Not value for money
  • Irritating packaging that leads to product wastage
  • A lot of product is needed to get the desired effect

IMBB Rating:

0/5 (sorry, but that’s how I really feel)

Would I repurchase/recommend The Nature’s Co Eucalyptus Bath Salt?

I would never repurchase this product, nor will I recommend it to anyone else. I feel, it would be better to buy the essential oil of your choice and add sea salt to your bath. Please don’t waste your money on this. 🙁

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  1. Sone…better use sendha Namak and eucalyptus oil…I use it for feet soak and it is very relaxing… Witn all the negative reviews for these bath salt, I am never going to try any from nature co now!

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