The Nature’s Co Lychee Lip Scrub Review

Lip balms form an important part of our lip care regimen, but do you know what else you need? A lip scrub – especially if you wear only matte and liquid lipsticks. I had received a sample of this lip scrub many months ago and I just loved it! So a few months ago, I purchased the full size of this scrub. Do I still love it? Let’s find out!

The Nature's Co Lychee Lip Scrub Review

INR 595
Product Description:
Brown sugar gently exfoliates the lips making them soft and smooth, while lychee’s moisturising properties will renew the layers and protect against extreme climate. Rub over your lips using circular motions. Wash it off or clean with a wet cloth. Get pink and kissable lips.

Key Ingredients:
Lychee extract, Grapeseed oil, Jojoba oil, Olive oil, lemon oil.

My Experience with The Nature’s Co Lychee Lip Scrub:

Let’s talk about the packaging first. It comes in a cute, tiny jar. The jar has a protective lid and a cap. It’s a travel-friendly and sturdy packaging, I must say. Also, all the product related information is available on the packaging itself. Still, I am not a fan of this packaging.

The Nature's Co Lychee Lip Scrub outer packaging

Since the scrub has a grainy texture and there is a little bit of oil as well, it gets stuck on the nails. So, I need to use a tiny spatula to take out the product.

The Nature's Co Lychee Lip Scrub packaging outer

As soon as you open the packaging, a lovely lychee scent welcomes you. I love how sweet and beautiful this scent it. The texture is grainy but oily. With time, the oil has got soaked up by the scrub and gets released when I use the scrub. Using the scrub is quite easy. I take a little amount and rub it on my lips for a few seconds. With time, the scrub almost melts and disappears from the lips. Then, I take a damp towel and remove the leftover scrub. After that, I apply a lip balm and my lips feel soft and smooth.

The Nature's Co Lychee Lip Scrub tub

I use the scrub once or twice a week maximum and my lips remain smooth throughout the week. Surprisingly, I didn’t get chapped or dry lips this winter and I think that’s because of this lovely scrub. Also, I see that regular usage has reduced lip pigmentation to some extent. I wear matte and liquid lipsticks and they tend to look dry and patchy on unexfoliated lips. But now, all my lipsticks look great on my lips.

The Nature's Co Lychee Lip Scrub

Overall, I really like this scrub and hence I can ignore the fact that the packaging of this scrub irritates me. It is a very effective scrub and has improved the health and hydrating of my lips. Due to the presence of various oils, it is quite moisturising and nourishing. One of the best products by the brand. This time, I do not even mind the price!

The Nature's Co Lychee Lip Scrub swatch

Pros of The Nature’s Co Lychee Lip Scrub:

  • Lovely lychee scent.
  • Exfoliates the lips very well.
  • Gentle on the lips.
  • Leaves the lips soft and moisturised.
  • Has removed lip pigmentation to an extent.
  • Easy to use.
  • Does not dry out or damage the lips.

Cons of The Nature’s Co Lychee Lip Scrub:

  • Packaging.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase The Nature’s Co Lychee Lip Scrub?
Yes, I would like to get it again.
Would I Recommend The Nature’s Co Lychee Lip Scrub?
Yes, especially if you’re bored of usual homemade lip scrubs. This one is gentle and a treat for lychee lovers.

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